Why Kit Check

Kit Check’s focus is helping hospital pharmacists improve operational efficiency, patient safety and visibility of medications throughout the hospital while enabling more time to focus on clinical care.

What We Do

Kit Check’s friendly hospital pharmacy kit processing solution installs in under an hour without IT support, reduces kit processing time by 90% and cuts costs by over $4 per medication. At the same time, kit accuracy increases to over 99.97%, recalls are more easily managed and pharmacists are free to spend less time on manual administrative tasks and focus more on clinical care.

We know this is hard to believe, but we have many Directors of Hospital Pharmacy who will be happy to recount their stories. Hospital Pharmacists are under increased administration pressure to reduce cost while increasing safety and accuracy. However, they continue to operate in an environment with many manual processes and few effective automation tools. The increase in recalls and shortages has only amplified the complexity of managing pharmacy kits and medication inventory.

Where We’ve Been

rockhealth_logoKit Check is proud to be part of Rock Health’s 4th class of start-up companies. More important, from a single University research hospital in April 2012, Kit Check is now used by over 100 hospitals in twenty-one states. To learn more about how Kit Check can help your hospital reduce pharmacy kit processing time and increase accuracy, please contact us here.

To see how we can take a manual process and cut processing time by 90% while increasing accuracy, check out our Solutions Page.