Medications in the OR suite are among the hardest to track and involve the most tedious compliance paperwork. Multiple hand-offs, complex ASA syringe labeling requirements and DEA compliance paperwork all require manual tracking and recording. Errors and delays impact pharmacy directors, anesthesiologists, CRNAs and patients. Key problem areas include:

  • Syringe swap
  • Diversion
  • Excessive paperwork
  • Medication labeling
  • Medication stock-outs
  • Custody transfer
  • DEA waste reporting
  • Assigning medications to cases
  • Joint Commission audits


Visibility, Consistency and Automated Paperwork

Kit Check developed Anesthesia Check to provide a low cost, easy-to-adopt solution for anesthesia medication recording, tracking and usage compliance. It not only creates an affordable solution that addresses issues faced by Pharmacy Directors, Anesthesiologists and CRNAs, it also provides greater visibility, consistency and paperwork automation than the alternatives. Key features include:

Benefit Director of Pharmacy Anesthesiologist
Efficiency  - Eliminates manual counting of returned medications
- Eliminates paperwork for recording drug usage
- Eliminates paperwork for waste/sharp bin contents
- Streamlines ASA syringe labeling compliance
- Eliminates paperwork for DEA waste sheets
- Automates AIMS data input
Visibility  - Provides real-time audit trail for controlled substances
- Enables ability to take medication inventory in seconds
- Reduces stock-outs
Control  - Reduces diversion risk
- Enables full inventory verification instead of selective audit
- Reduces risk of Joint Commission fines
- Improves control of DEA scheduled medications
- Reduces diversion risk
- Enables anesthesiologists to prep from a matrix tray



Some hospitals have adopted or are considering anesthesia workstations hoping to address these issues. However, the workstations carry high costs, high space requirements and don’t effectively address the core issues of stock-outs, diversion prevention and paperwork automation. Anesthesia Check is designed to meet the needs of anesthesiologists and pharmacy directors at a fraction of the cost of anesthesia workstations.

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