Distribution Partners

distribution-partnersKit Check has signed up a number of distribution partners to make the ordering process for RFID tags just as easy as ordering other hospital pharmacy supplies. You can order tags directly from AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health or McKesson if that fits well with your standard purchasing practices. If you would prefer to order directly from Kit Check, that is an option as well. For more information about ordering tags from your preferred healthcare supply distributor, click on the button below.

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Group Purchasing Organization Contract

PremierAlmost three thousand Premier affiliated hospitals can now purchase Kit Check with the confidence that comes with a recommendation by one of the nation’s top group purchasing organizations. Qualified hospitals can receive Kit Check’s pharmacy kit automation software and hardware free of charge and simply purchase RFID-based medication tags through their Premier contract. The solution is designed to deliver operational savings while enhancing safety and is already conveniently available through the top three medical supply wholesalers. Now Premier affiliated hospitals also have the choice to purchase through a pre-negotiated contract.

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Tagging Partners

SafecorAdding RFID tags to vials is easy with Kit Check. It is even easier to have a third-party repackager apply tags for you. Safecor Health already conducts medication repackaging for over 800 hospitals throughout the United States. They can also apply Kit Check RFID tags to medications and ship them to your hospital pharmacy ready for use. After tagging, Safecor has a registered pharmacist check each vial for accuracy before shipment. Safecor has already added RFID tags to hundreds of thousands of medications for Kit Check users, demonstrating the scalability and consistency of its processes.

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Technology Partners

Zebra TechnologiesZebra Technologies is a global leader in label printing and RFID encoding solutions. Kit Check installs Zebra printers onsite for each hospital. To date, Zebra printers have been used to add RFID tags on over three million medication vials, proving its reliability in a healthcare setting. Kit Check is also a strategic partner in using Zebra’s new Zatar solution for remotely managing and supporting printers through a cloud-based infrastructure.

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Component Supplier

HCL-logoSince 1978, Health Care Logistics (HCL) has been an industry leader specializing in hard-to-find items that are needed everyday in hospitals. HCL is an important Kit Check partner and today provides RFID seal tags designed specifically for use with hospital pharmacy kits.

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