Scan a Kit

Place any kit in the Kit Check scanning station and click the “Scan” button to inventory the kit in five seconds.

Review Kit Issues

Kit Check tells the technician exactly how to restock the kit. It takes care of missing medications, extra items, expired medications and items that are expiring too soon to send back out.

Print Charge Sheet

Automatically generate charge sheets and other documentation which are typically hand written.

Review Expiration Report

Quickly identify kits with expiring medications without having to hunt through all kits in the hospital. Similar reports can assist you with recall and shortage management and reduce both the risk of error and staff time consumed on these tasks. Kit Check customers have reported as much as a 93% time savings on recalls.

Tag an Item

Simply scan the NDC and enter the lot number and expiration date. The Kit Check system prints a tag that is then placed on any type of item whether it’s a syringe, ampoule, box or vial.

Kit Check also has repackaging partners that can tag all of your medications for you.