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Kit Check solutions free up your staff and budget from the time-consuming but important day-to-day tasks, shifting the focus to compliance, safety, and better clinical care. Whether you’re looking for help with diversion, standardization, inventory control, centralization, or process efficiencies, our tools are designed to help:


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Kit Check is Fast, Accurate, and Easy.

Kit Check

Manually restocking pharmacy kits is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Kit Check users report saving up to 96% of restocking time by automating the process. They also report that manual medication stocking error rates ranging from 5%-65% per kit fell to zero with Kit Check.

Key Features

  • 5 Second Kit Scan
  • Reduce Errors to Zero
  • No more manual checks
  • No More Paperwork
  • Automated expiration notice
  • Automated recall notices
  • Full med traceability

Swap Check

Manually restocking OR medications in anesthesia workstations and dispensing cabinets is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Swap Check automates the restocking process with fully stocked drawer liners that can be exchanged in seconds for used drawers in the OR.

Key Features

  • Eliminate stock outs
  • Restock OR meds in seconds
  • Save technician time in OR
  • Automated expiration notice
  • Automated recall notices
  • 5 second scan
  • Reduce errors to zero


Hospital pharmacy leaders need data. They are asked to run complex and costly and critical operations, but have few tools to proactively manage processes and reduce risk. Kit Check Analytics provides pharmacies with data around kit and OR medication usage for the first time.

Key Features

  • Multi-Site Dashboard
  • Kit Inventory Optimization
  • Kitted Inventory with Cost
  • Expiration Analytics
  • Expiring Soon Report
  • Crowd Source Recalls
  • And more…

Some of Our Customers

Since 2011, Kit Check has helped more than 400 hospitals decrease spend, maximize inventory, and free up staff to focus on clinical care.

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University of Vermont Medical Center

Brigham and Women’s

Scripps Health

Texas Children’s Hospital