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Diversion Trends 2022 Report Out Now!

Kit Check’s newest report cover over 2 years of Bluesight for Controlled Substances Data

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Kit Check is a technology solutions company

on a mission to bring Simplicity, Visibility, and Predictability to a world of care.

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Medication Intelligence™ Brings it All Together

All Kit Check solutions are based on a simple idea: if providers can keep track of every medication dose from manufacturing plant to patient, problems of inefficiency, waste, and patient safety are solved. That’s Medication Intelligence.


Since 2011 Kit Check Powered by Bluesight® our namesake RFID-enabled inventory management solution has been helping hospitals modernize time-consuming and inefficient restocking processes, and automate them to save redundant drug spend and ensure patient safety.

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Bluesight® for Controlled Substances takes a proactive approach to an issue that affects every hospital in the world – drug diversion. Bluesight for Controlled Substances uses industry leading machine learning to prevent drug diversion at your organization, sharpen up noncompliant documentation practices, and ensure struggling team members receive the help they need.

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Helping you stay on top of rapidly shifting drug prices, availability, and regulations, Bluesight Insights™ provides holistic visibility into the supply chain — so you can reduce costs and keep your hospital well stocked. Bluesight Insights can help your organization save up to 3% of its annual drug spend.

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By The Numbers

140 Million
RFID-tagged medications scanned
Potential instances of drug diversion investigated and closed
Saved per insights customer
Hospital Customers

Our Customers

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Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

With Kit Check, your organization can optimize inventory and restock all care areas in a fraction of the time of manual processes, all while updating a cloud-based record of real-time medication inventory. With Kit Check powered by Bluesight, you can easily track every medication as it enters your pharmacy and travels throughout the hospital – working with our suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions to ensure every item gets to its correct destination effortlessly, with no expiry concerns.

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Optimize Spend

Optimize Spend

Managing your pharmacy’s drug budget can feel like a full time job. With Kit Check’s RFID solution and Bluesight Insights™ you’ll have holistic visibility into the full breadth of available medications to help you make informed decisions that will optimize your inventory and budget, and workflows in place to ensure medications are not expiring and being wasted.

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Prevent Drug Diversion

Prevent Drug Diversion

Every hospital has drug diversion. This is a complicated problem made simple with Medication Intelligence. Prevent drug diversion and improve documentation practices that can lead to drug diversion in your organization with Bluesight for Controlled Substances. Leverage industry leading data science techniques to get to the bottom of concerning behavioral patterns and incomplete dose documentation, in minutes a day.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Makes my job so much easier! I have worked in a hospital without Kit Check before, and it required a [full-time] technician to manually refill all the trays/boxes! To me, Kit Check is worth the expense, especially for the unusual amount of boxes this hospital’s pharmacy has.

Britney P., Pharmacy Technician

Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy

Before [implementing Bluesight for Controlled Substances], we were fighting fires, but could never be sure that they were the right ones. Having data from multiple sites all in one place and a report that is easy to read and understand is beneficial.

Dr. Andrew Stanley, PharmD., MBA, Pharmacy Support Manager

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