Kit Check Product Delivery Manager Profile: Tyler Robertson

by Molly Troha

Tyler Robertson

Where are you from?

North Carolina


Bachelors of Science in Public Health and a Master’s of Health Administration from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (Go Heels!)

Experience in healthcare

Prior to joining Kit Check, I worked in Performance Improvement and Quality Improvement for a large academic medical center and then a pediatric hospital.

Describe your specific role in deployments

I lead the implementation of the Kit Check solution. This spans weekly planning calls, equipment set up on site, user training during the implementation and post-implementation check-ins.

Personal philosophy for deployments

My approach to every deployment can be summarized as: “always have fun.”

Whether it be jamming out to music during a tagging visit, getting restaurant recommendations or bringing Starbucks to help power through a night shift, making the customer happy while having fun is my number one goal.

My favorite phrases I hear from customers when on site are, “This is so easy and fun!” and, “That’s all we have to do? This is like magic!”

A memorable deployment story

One memorable customer this past year was Yale-New Haven Hospitals in New Haven, CT. The staff immediately picked up the technology during my first visit. Once I returned for the go-live, we hit the ground running (literally) through a maze of underground tunnels delivering all 200 trays in one day. A long but record-breaking day!

Interests outside of Kit Check

Tennis, Live Music, Exploring (new countries, new restaurants, even new commute routes home)

If you have to sing a karaoke song, what would you choose?

If you have to sing a karaoke song, what would you choose? I have a propensity for 90’s pop ballads. Specifically, Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” albeit I never come close to hitting those high notes.