Improving Efficiency and Safety at Texas Children’s Hospital

by Doug Zurawski

Texas Children's Case StudyI am told everything is bigger in Texas. One thing that fits with that characterization is Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. With over 600 beds, it is the largest freestanding children’s hospital in the United States. We all know that large operations often face large challenges and the accuracy of Texas Children’s 317 pharmacy kits fell into that category.

The pharmacy staff was concerned that its manual processes for restocking and verifying kits was prone to errors. This is an issue for all hospitals and receives special attention at children’s hospitals. Kit Check was brought in because it provided an automated solution to reduce labor time and, more importantly, would significantly reduce the risk of stocking errors.

The results exceeded expectations. Pharmacy kit restocking time decreased 96% and Texas Children’s director of pharmacy, Jeff Wagner, commented, “Kit Check has provided us with a safer and more efficient process to fill and turnaround our kits… we were truly amazed by the amount of time saved by both pharmacists and technicians.”

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