Video: Scripps Health Discusses Benefits of Kit Check Analytics

by Ava Mutchler


In last week’s video interview, Kit Check CEO Kevin MacDonald outlined several ways that Kit Check is more than just an RFID tag. Today’s video interview is with Robert Eastin, Pharm.D. and Director of Central Pharmacy and Shared Services at Scripps Health. He shares his experience accessing actual medication use data provided by Kit Check Analytics while working with his pharmacy and therapeutics committee to determine what inventory is really required in emergency drug trays. The solution has enabled the Scripps team to move beyond opinion-based policies and start making data-driven decisions.

He also discusses his intent to use Kit Check’s multi-hospital analytics capabilities to standardize the contents of adult code boxes across all five Scripps hospitals. Kit Check’s cloud-based architecture enables users to see data from a single hospital or analyze multiple hospitals simultaneously. This is a capability that locally installed software cannot effectively provide for pharmacy users. Analytics is a great example of how Kit Check is more than just a tag and provides value well beyond faster and more accurate pharmacy kit restocking. Learn about Dr. Eastin’s experience by watching the video above.