The Many Benefits of Swap Check

by Ava Mutchler



Manually restocking OR medications in automatic dispensing cabinets is tedious, time consuming and error prone. In today’s video, Kit Check’s Nick Petersen explains how Swap Check streamlines the restocking process by using fully stocked drawer liners that are swapped out for used ones. The entire process takes seconds instead of minutes, resulting in significant time savings for the hospital pharmacy. “It is tremendously efficient,” says Petersen.

Other Kit Check hospitals would agree. Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital saw time spent restocking its Pyxis anesthesia workstation decrease 83% per day.  Swap Check also eliminated stock outs for the hospital because now, pharmacy technicians have time to restock multiple times a day. To learn more about how your hospital can achieve results like that at Salinas Valley, check out the product tour by clicking below.

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