Kit Check Introduces Shelved Inventory Capabilities

by Jeremy Yanowitz

What if there were a better way to manage your shelf stock, similar to how Kit Check has made kit processing 90% faster, processing recalls 93-100% faster, reduced waste due to expiration and optimized par levels to lower overall inventory? Now there is. Kit Check is excited to announce the release of our new Shelved Inventory module, built in conjunction with 10 development partner hospitals, that makes manual cycle counts and par level management a thing of the past.

Hospital Pharmacy Bins

Shelved Inventory Challenges

When Eric Schaefer, Manager of Inpatient Pharmacy Operations at UPMC Presbyterian (@UPMCnews), performs routine inventory cycle counts, just a portion of the operating room satellite pharmacy can take several hours to process each week. “Without interruption, [the Kit Check tagged inventory] alone probably takes three plus hours to look at every vial for expiration and count.” Anything beyond the main inpatient pharmacy can be even more daunting of a task, Schaefer notes. “If you were to expand this to our entire stock, you are talking about eight plus hours to only get 50% counted.”

Cycle Count Efficiency and Increased Visibility

Kit Check Shelved Inventory enables hospitals to create RFID tags for inventory bins, allowing bins to be scanned just like Kit Check kits. After scanning a bin, users are shown a summary of the count of items detected, highlighting any expired, expiring soon, or recalled items. As items move from the shelf into Kit Check kits, the system automatically subtracts those items to compute the remaining quantity for each bin, ensuring inventory counts are always accurate and up-to-date. By eliminating tedious and error-prone manual processes, Schaefer excitedly predicts that he “will see cycle counts taking a matter of minutes with this new module.”

Shelved Inventory Recalls

Shelf Stock Recalls and Expirations

On top of tracking inventory counts, Kit Check’s Item Recalls and Item Expirations reports have been updated to search across not just kitted items, but across all inventory bins as well. Kit Check has already made the recall process 93-100% faster for locating recalled items in kits, and comparable results can now be expected in searching across shelf stock as well. By integrating these inventory updates into existing reports and workflows, Kit Check users can start seeing added benefits immediately. “There’s beauty in simplicity, and I think Kit Check nailed it with this new feature,” remarks Michael Nan, Director of Pharmacy of Ohio Valley Hospital (@ohiovalleyh).

Lean Processes and Reduced Inventory

With drug cost increases being the #1 challenge for most pharmacies, leaner approaches to purchasing and inventory management are becoming a must. With the Shelved Inventory module, hospitals can assign par levels to inventory bins and receive alerts as inventory counts fall below the minimum threshold, proactively letting users know when to order and tag additional items. Just as Kit Check Analytics have removed the guesswork and helped determine optimal par-levels to lower medication inventory in kits, Kit Check will soon be releasing Par Level Optimization Analytics for inventory bins as well to maximize efficiency with drug spend.

To learn more about how Kit Check and Shelved Inventory can benefit your hospital, contact us now.