About Kit Check

Kit Check’s focus is helping hospital pharmacists and anesthesia providers improve operational efficiency, patient safety and medication visibility throughout the hospital. Since 2012, more than 250 hospitals have implemented a Kit Check solution to track millions of medications annually.

For the Pharmacy – Kit Check

KitCheck_Inner_Tour-(1)_03Kit Check’s friendly hospital pharmacy kit processing solution installs in under an hour without IT support, reduces kit processing time by 90% and cuts costs by over $4 per medication. At the same time, kit accuracy increases by over 99.5%, recalls are more easily managed and pharmacists are free to spend less time on manual administrative tasks. Directors of Pharmacy have embraced Kit Check because of its positive impact on efficiency, process consistency, safety and medication visibility. Learn more here.

For Anesthesia – Anesthesia Check

step_4Anesthesia Check was developed to streamline case prep and medication tracking tasks for anesthesia providers. The solution delivers faster ASA compliant labeling, provides an automated check to reduce risk at the point of administration, and through AIMS integration automates waste sheet recording. It does all this while being less cumbersome than other automation solutions in the OR. We like to think Anesthesia Check allows you to practice how you want, with the safety and control features you need. Learn more here.

Friendly to Use and a Focus on You

All of Kit Check’s solutions are designed to be friendly and easy to use. We accomplish this using some great technology that leverages cloud software and RFID. If your staff can use an iPhone, they should have no problem operating Kit Check or Anesthesia Check. In fact, standard training only takes about 15 minutes for Kits and not much longer for Anesthesia Check. It’s that easy. We focus on the specific needs of pharmacy and anesthesia and streamline select workflows for medication tracking and restocking. This means we aren’t force fitting cumbersome devices into your operation, we are providing purpose-built solutions that make your work easier to accomplish.