About Kit Check

Kit Check’s focus is helping pharmacists improve operational efficiency, patient safety and medication visibility throughout the hospital. Since 2012, more than 300 hospitals have implemented a Kit Check solution to track millions of medications annually.

For the Pharmacy – Kit Check

KitCheck_Inner_Tour-(1)_03Kit Check’s friendly hospital pharmacy kit restocking solution can be installed in under an hour without IT support and be ready to use that same day. It reduces kit processing time by 90% and cuts costs by over $4 per medication. In fact, a study published in a peer-review pharmacy journal estimates that pharmacies save $4.20 – $9.30 per kit restocked. At the same time, kit errors typically fall to zero. Brigham & Women’s hospital tracked over 240,000 kit medications without a single error. Salinas Valley, Scripps and others have also reported no kit stocking errors since installing Kit Check. Eliminating those errors is a big relief when regulatory reviews are in process. Recalls and drug shortages are also more easily managed and pharmacists are free to spend less time on manual administrative tasks. Directors of Pharmacy have embraced Kit Check because of its positive impact on efficiency, process consistency, safety and medication visibility. Like Geoff Cox, Director of Pharmacy at MedStar Georgetown Hospital:

geoff-headshot“When they checked [pharmacy trays] manually, it took them hours because they were very meticulous and they wanted to make sure that they checked everything. They were spending man hours to check these trays. So, with this technology [from Kit Check] they are very, very pleased to only spend a few minutes to check the trays and ensure quality. It’s saving a huge amount of time for the technicians and also the pharmacists,” said Mr. Cox. Learn more here.

For the OR – Swap Check

acheck-station-stockedSwap Check was developed to streamline anesthesia restocking processes in the OR while improving medication use tracking. The solution enables pharmacy technicians to restock an entire anesthesia workstation drawer in seconds and conduct the replenishment back in the pharmacy where it can be done faster and without errors. In addition to providing more efficiency, Swap Check also reduces the incidence of stock-outs.  Dr. Michael Brown, Director of Pharmacy at Salinas Valley Memorial Hosptial had this to say:

brown“After switching to drawer liner swaps using Kit Check, we spend no more than 30 minutes restocking the workstations.  Now we also have time to restock twice a day, which has essentially eliminated any stock outs,” commented Mr. Brown.  Learn more here.

Friendly to Use and a Focus on You

All of Kit Check’s solutions are designed to be friendly and easy to use. We accomplish this using some great technology that leverages cloud software and RFID. If your staff can use an iPhone, they should have no problem operating Kit Check or Swap Check. In fact, standard training only takes about 15 minutes for either solution. It’s that easy.

john-headshot“Training for Kit Check is probably the simplest system I’ve ever had to train anyone on. It takes no more than 15 minutes for either tech or pharmacist,” said John Falkenholm, Pharmacy Operations Manager at Advocate Lutheran Hospital. Learn more here.


We focus on the specific needs of pharmacy and streamline targeted workflows for medication tracking and restocking. This means we aren’t force fitting cumbersome devices into your operation, we are providing purpose-built solutions that make your work easier to accomplish.