Kit Check

Hospital pharmacy leaders are asked to run complex, costly, and critical operations that directly impact patient care, but they have few tools to proactively manage processes, analyze the data produced, and reduce risk. With Kit Check, pharmacies can quickly and easily view the data around kit and OR medication usage, which enables decisions that can lower costs, improve accountability, and streamline processes. The Kit Check solution includes customizable analytics and reports so you can easily see the data that is most important.

Analytics for Redistribution

A large IDN had a shortage issue in which several high-use, high-turnover drugs in crash carts across six hospitals were going on indefinite shortage. The system director wanted to distribute the finite amount of these drugs equitably across the hospitals based on usage, rather than on hospital size.

Kit Check used the Advanced Segment Optimization Report to determine the consumption rate of each drug based on the number of dispatches and average number of individual drug packages consumed per dispatch over the course of six months. These rates were then converted to a ratio for each drug.

As the system director suspected, hospital size did not dictate the average consumption rate. Kit Check’s analytics were able to assess the frequency of usage, and therefore equitably distribute the drugs on hand to address the shortage.


Bluesight for Controlled Substances

Bluesight gives you new ways to think about the data generated by your systems--a smarter way to think about the information to apply to an investigation. Analytics and reporting tools let you shift the identification of outliers beyond simple averages or standard deviations. Using industry-leading data science techniques, we can help you analyze distance and variation from the norm to better distill problem areas and individuals into a focused action list.

Rather than relying solely on traditional statistical analysis or isolated, single metrics, Bluesight for Controlled Substances presents a more sophisticated entry point for you to assess where to spend valuable time and energy on diversion investigations. The platform takes into account many factors and data points, and lets you look at the totality of a clinician’s behavior in context, which can be crucial to understanding what is (or is not) a serious problem. You can:

  • Run analytics in real time--no more waiting until the end of the month to find a pattern
  • Drill down into specific data points, like waste witness relationships and time elapsed between transaction events
  • See where activity happens, not just what
  • Understand difference within peer groups based on the specific group’s patterns
  • Note relationships between individuals exhibiting anomalous behavior