Directors of Hospital Pharmacy are familiar with having to wait for the IT department before any new technology can be installed. With Kit Check, no IT support is required. Why? Kit Check provides a cloud-based software solution. Everything is configured offsite by the Kit Check team. No servers or new PCs are required onsite. There is no IT support necessary or concerns about security. Only an existing PC in your department with a web browser and two open network ports are needed. Kit Check takes care of everything else.

Kit Check’s co-founder and chief product officer Tim Kress-Spatz covers these topics and several others in this short video interview on the value of accessing software from the cloud.


The Many Benefits of True Cloud Software

The old way of implementing software is to install it on a local PC or server in the hospital. By policy or practicality, both of these approaches typically require IT involvement. This too often delays the implementation and access to new features. The installed approach also introduces risks of data loss because of data back-up failures, ensuring cyber security, and requiring an onsite team to upgrade the software to get security patches or new features. Kit Check implemented in the cloud because it delivers many benefits to users including:

Fast Implementation No waiting for internal IT to approve and install your system; the Kit Check team can configure the software offsite and install it in less than one day
Automatic Data Back-up The system backs up your data remotely and there is no risk of data loss because of PC hard-drive of a server crashes
Robust Security The software and data are secured from unauthorized access
No Servers to Manage Your IT team doesn’t need to manage servers or local PCs; Kit Check keeps them operational 365 days a year
No More Upgrades When we release new features and improvements, your team can access them immediately; you don’t have to wait for an implementation team to come on site or schedule downtime for a remote upgrade

Going through IT Review?

Occasionally hospital pharmacies need to go through IT review; even for true cloud-based applications. In those cases, IT sometimes asks for technical architecture diagrams that explain all the magic that happens in the Kit Check Cloud. Complete the form below and we would be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation.

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