Customer Anecdote: 35% Faster, 100% Better

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Customer Profile Size: 250+ Beds Status: For Profit Type: Medium Metro IDN Member: Yes Kit Check Use: Omnicell Anesthesia Workstations, crash carts, ancillary kits Annual Items Tracked: 70,000+ Background – Time gains from a speedy restocking process are negated by errors. The manual OR Anesthesia kit restocking process used at this hospital did not take a lot of time, but … Read More

Customer Anecdote — Clearing the Bottlenecks

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Customer Profile Size: 250+ Status: For Profit Type: Medium Metro IDN Member: Yes Kit Check Use: Crash carts, Omnicell anesthesia workstations Background – Kit restocking was a slow, error-prone process that was hampered by bottlenecks. This hospital’s manual tray restocking process involved many steps, each of which had its own dependencies. First, a technician would go to each OR at … Read More

Customer Anecdote — Improving Medication Management in the OR

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Customer Profile Size: 450 Status: For Profit Type: Regional Referral Center Kit Check Use: Crash carts, OB trays, OR Anesthesia Background This hospital had an ongoing problem: an inefficient Anesthesia medication management process with little visibility into inventory and expiration. In fact, two back-to-back Joint Commission visits found expired medications in OR trays. The hospital realized they needed to improve … Read More

Amazon Web Services Recognizes Kit Check

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At a recent industry conference, Amazon Web Services featured a wall covered in the logos of some of the world’s hottest startups. Kit Check is very proud to have been included with such best-of-breed brands as Buzzfeed, Airbnb, Pinterest, and many others who have used AWS as their back-end development platform. Photo courtesy of Amazon Web Services Kit Check started … Read More

Using Machine Learning to Make the Invisible Visible

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Machine learning, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition. Sounds like the plot of some new dystopian Hollywood movie, doesn’t it? Image copyright Twentieth Century Fox Artificial intelligence enables machines to carry out tasks that we would consider smart Machine learning is a subset of AI where we feed the machine lots of data and the machine learns for itself Pattern recognition is … Read More

What to see at ASHP mid-year 2017

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ASHP Mid-Year kicks off on Sunday. As the biggest hospital pharmacy event of the year, it is always a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies and catch up with old friends. As usual, we have lots of new innovations and success stories to share so be sure to work these key activities into your itinerary.

Challenges Hospital Pharmacies Face When Dealing With Recalls

Ramsey ChambersBlog

During a recent deployment of Kit Check, the pharmacy staff and Kit Check deployment manager were surprised when the system alerted them to the presence of a recalled drug before they were even done with the implementation. This particular recall was issued months before the Kit Check implementation which means whatever processes the hospital had in place for dealing with recalls had failed. As I reflected on this incident, I began to fully appreciate the monumental challenge hospital pharmacies face when it comes to recalls.

Extending expiration dates on shortage drugs often fails to have an impact

Ramsey ChambersBlog

When a drug shortage is so severe the FDA sometimes issues guidance allowing pharmacies to extend the expiration date for the affected medications. The theory is that by extending the expiration dates of these products, more inventory is kept in the supply chain reducing the impact of the shortage. In reality, however, many of these drugs still get thrown away at or prior to the original manufacturer’s dating.

Airplane Engines, Hospital Pharmacies, and Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention

Kevin MacDonaldBlog

Health Connect Partners Fall 17 (#hcpchicago) just wrapped up in Chicago and, wow, was it a great show. While interacting with all of the pharmacy thought leaders in attendance, the topic that kept coming up was the issue of controlled substance compliance. The stage could not have been more ideally set for the unveiling of our latest product, Bluesight for Controlled Substances.

Launching Our Latest Product at HCP Fall 17

Kevin MacDonaldBlog

HCP Fall 17 is next week in Chicago. While I always enjoy HCP, this year’s event will be particularly meaningful for me. Not only is the event taking place in my hometown, Kit Check is launching an exciting new product to help hospitals get a better handle on controlled substance monitoring from dock to doc.

Three Trends in Diversion Prevention, Detection, and Response from IHFDA

Hannah ByamBlog

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the International Health Facility Diversion Association (IHFDA) Conference in St. Louis. This 2nd annual gathering brought together practitioners, vendors and experts to share best practices around preventing, detecting and responding to diversion in hospitals. For those of you who weren’t able to make the event, here are three themes that resonated throughout the conference’s presentations and discussions.

Three steps to make your next pharmacy automation budget proposal resonate with Finance

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A major value proposition of most automation solutions is staff efficiency gains. Typically, pharmacy leaders work with their sales rep to quantify efficiency in terms of dollar savings to include in the ROI model of their proposal. When the proposal reaches Finance, however, it inevitably gets picked apart. The problem… in most cases no headcount is actually being eliminated and Finance will argue (perhaps fairly) that, as such, the ROI model is inaccurate.