Identifying Diversion by Location — A Practical Application of Machine Learning

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In the day-to-day battle against drug diversion, most solutions look at the data to find statistical outliers. Often the focus is on clinicians who may be logging more transactions than their peers, or on medications that are administered in unusual amounts or that go missing. We can call this the “Who” and the “What.” But we really have to look … Read More

Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Closes Gap in Medication Diversion Controls with Bluesight for Controlled Substances

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Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD) in Virginia is not unlike most hospitals in the United States. Preventing medication diversion was a clear priority, but identifying incidents was like finding a needle in a haystack.   Moving from Manual to ADCs Created a Data Gap CHKD had a manual, paper-based controlled substance auditing process and a full-time pharmacist dedicated … Read More

Recalls – The Worst Scavenger Hunt Ever

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Arek Socha; photo courtesy of Pexels According to FDA records, more than 4,400 drugs and medical devices were recalled in 2016 alone. A recall is defined by the FDA as “a method of removing or correcting products that are in violation of laws administered by the Food and Drug Administration.” Recalls can be extremely time consuming for hospitals to resolve. … Read More

Herding Cats — The Case for Standardization

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Photo via Shutterstock Standardization is a recent trend across many industries—automotive, nuclear, even aerospace. Aligning processes creates more efficiency, drives costs down, and allows companies to perform at a higher level of productivity and innovation. Healthcare is an obvious candidate for standardizing. Unfortunately, the medical community has not yet embraced the trend. Major differences can be found in the delivery … Read More

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Kit Check Announces Addition of New Board Member

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WASHINGTON, DC (August 7, 2018) – Kit Check today announced the appointment of Kevin Hutchinson as an independent member to their board of directors. “We are delighted to welcome Kevin to Kit Check’s Board of Directors,” said Kevin MacDonald, co-founder and CEO at Kit Check. “He is both an innovator and a recognized business leader, and he brings a broad … Read More

Kit Check Shortage Management Tools

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A few weeks ago we talked about the drug shortage crisis facing hospitals across the country. The options for dealing with shortages are basically to find alternative medications for treatment, or to reallocate the medications that are in limited supply. Kit Check has shortage management tools that are built into the app that can help hospitals mitigate this issue: Item … Read More

Introducing the Kit Check Mobile Cart

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Free space is often a precious commodity in hospital pharmacies and ORs. You want to have all of your necessary medication easily at hand, and also to have visibility into usage and expiration dates. Some common ways of dealing with the space issue is to grab extra dosages to have on hand, or to keep extra trays in the OR … Read More

Dealing With the Drug Shortage Crisis

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Hospitals across the country are experiencing industry-wide shortages of drugs that have been part of standard supply for decades. Nine out of 10 emergency doctors surveyed by the American College of Emergency Physicians said that they didn’t have access to emergency medications, and four out of 10 said that patients had been negatively affected. photo by Arcaion, courtesy of Pixabay … Read More

Controlled Substance Tracking: The Fallacy of Perfect Documentation

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Diverters of controlled substances are getting more savvy about finding ways to get around documentation safeguards and protocols. Using machine learning, Bluesight for Controlled Substances is able to recognize patterns learned over time and apply them to client data sets to expose bad behavior. For example: the perfect documentation fallacy. When we compare what was dispensed, wasted, and returned from … Read More

Customer Anecdote: 35% Faster, 100% Better

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Customer Profile Size: 250+ Beds Status: For Profit Type: Medium Metro IDN Member: Yes Kit Check Use: Omnicell Anesthesia Workstations, crash carts, ancillary kits Annual Items Tracked: 70,000+ Background – Time gains from a speedy restocking process are negated by errors. The manual OR Anesthesia kit restocking process used at this hospital did not take a lot of time, but … Read More

Customer Anecdote — Clearing the Bottlenecks

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Customer Profile Size: 250+ Status: For Profit Type: Medium Metro IDN Member: Yes Kit Check Use: Crash carts, Omnicell anesthesia workstations Background – Kit restocking was a slow, error-prone process that was hampered by bottlenecks. This hospital’s manual tray restocking process involved many steps, each of which had its own dependencies. First, a technician would go to each OR at … Read More

Customer Anecdote — Improving Medication Management in the OR

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Customer Profile Size: 450 Status: For Profit Type: Regional Referral Center Kit Check Use: Crash carts, OB trays, OR Anesthesia Background This hospital had an ongoing problem: an inefficient Anesthesia medication management process with little visibility into inventory and expiration. In fact, two back-to-back Joint Commission visits found expired medications in OR trays. The hospital realized they needed to improve … Read More