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We are excited to announce that Kit Check has become the first RFID medication solution to process kits that are shared between multiple hospitals, and even disparate health networks.

Video: State Board Inspections Are “No Problem” with Kit Check

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Robert Eastin, Pharm.D. and Director of Central Pharmacy and Shared Services for Scripps Health, discussed the time savings benefits of Kit Check in last week’s video interview. Pharmacy kit restocking time decreased from over 20 minutes per kit to just 6 minutes after implementing Kit Check. But increased efficiency was just one of the benefits the hospital experienced. The solution … Read More

Video Interview: Scripps Health DoP Robert Eastin on the Value of Kit Check

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“In our health system we were looking at ways to really increase efficiency and free up time for our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to be involved in more clinical tasks. The manual maintenance of emergency kits and trays was very time consuming. And, we thought if we could take some time away from those distributive responsibilities, we could push our … Read More

Video: MedStar Georgetown saved a “huge amount of time” for technicians and pharmacists with Kit Check

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In our third installment of our video interview with MedStar Georgetown Director of Pharmacy Geoff Cox, he discusses the pharmacist reaction to using Kit Check. He said it was quite simple because it was clear to the pharmacists what was in it for them. “When they checked [pharmacy trays] manually, it took them hours because they were very meticulous and … Read More

Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown Discusses Advantages of Kit Check Technology

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Hundreds of hospitals have now implemented automation for pharmacy kit replenishment in order to improve accuracy and efficiency. Four years ago, there were fewer than 20 hospitals using any technology to address these problems. Since that time, the overwhelming majority of hospitals have chosen Kit Check as reported by the State of Pharmacy Automation 2016 report from Pharmacy Purchasing & … Read More

“Meet Kit Check” Writes

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Following the announcement of Kit Check’s $15 Million Series C funding round, reported on the company’s rapid growth since its launch four years ago.  “We think of our customers as part of our extended family and we like growing our family,” said CEO Kevin MacDonald in an interview. The article discusses what inspired co-founders MacDonald and Tim Kress- Spatz … Read More

Kit Check Closes $15 Million Series C Round

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Baxter Ventures Leads Round; Black Granite Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Rex Health Ventures, New Leaf Venture Partners, Easton Capital Management, Circuit Health, LionBird and Sands Capital Ventures Participate WASHINGTON, DC — Kit Check (, the leader in hospital pharmacy medication tracking and restocking automation software, announced a $15 million Series C funding round led by Baxter Ventures, the venture investment arm … Read More