The Problem

Pharmacy leaders have invested millions over the last decade in technology to help run their pharmacies more efficiently. Pharmacy automation was supposed to solve all your problems. But it didn’t—the systems have lots of data, but they don’t talk to each other and aren’t very smart. This can mean:

  • Missed opportunities and team inefficiencies
  • Unnecessary inventory costs
  • Increased compliance and patient safety risks

The Solution

The Bluesight platform offers a HIPAA-compliant integration engine that makes it easy to aggregate information across systems. Machine learning algorithms and sophisticated analytics sort through your mountains of data to uncover actionable insights. You’ll know exactly what you need to do next to reduce drug spend, increase medication safety and compliance, and maximize staff productivity.

The Bluesight platform allows your team to:

  • Easily combine data from all your systems
  • Gain item-level visibility across the drug lifecycle
  • Benefit from actionable recommendations on where to improve