Machine Learning

Bluesight for Controlled Substances features a robust suite of investigative dashboards that allow medication tracking down to the transactional level, including drill-down by:

  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Location
  • Medication
  • Event type

End the Hunt

Stop searching for the needle in the haystack. Our prescriptive intelligence platform provides specific, actionable recommendations to minimize real risk. Focusing on the most important patterns, rather than shifting through reams of outlier reporting data, allows you to see what the real issues are.

AI, Meet Rx

Artificial Intelligence + Pharmacy Data = Real Power. Bluesight for Controlled Substances leverages machine learning to manage and interpret highly complex pharmacy information. The more data the platform handles, the smarter it gets. Let the machine make your job easier, every day.


Item Level Visibility

Zero In On the Real Issues with IRIS

Our proprietary Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) allows your team to focus on whose behavior represents diversion risk. Drug diverters are often skilled at covering their tracks, and simple standard deviation analyses won’t reveal their activity. A multi-variant analysis tool like IRIS helps you identify clinicians whose behavior differs from that of their peers in substantial ways, without requiring you to dig through reams of data, metrics, and dashboards.

Remove the Guesswork

An IRIS ranking is a weighted assessment of the degree of difference across all metrics that Bluesight for Controlled Substances tracks, including time, mobility, waste networks, and more. Leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms, IRIS takes the guesswork out of diversion detection by highlighting differences in behavior patterns compared to peer groups to see what may warrant investigation.

Specific and Actionable

With IRIS, Bluesight for Controlled Substances give you more than just charts or spreadsheets that you must interpret; it provides an action list that identifies people who represent your biggest diversion risk. A higher IRIS ranking does not necessarily infer diversion; rather, it means that an individual exhibits patterns of behavior that are significantly different from that of their peers. And IRIS rankings adjust to reflect the most current data in the system and evolving patterns.


Easy Implementation

Security First

Bluesight’s HIPAA-compliant cloud platform means comprehensive security without the hassle of complex data integrations and approvals. Automatic, seamless upgrades mean no maintenance costs or downtimes, and your protected patient data is secure both in-transit and at rest.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Bluesight for Controlled Substances is simple and quick to install. Get comprehensive coverage in a matter of days with minimal IT involvement. The solution leverages existing reports and multiple data delivery options to save your team time and get to 100% with speed – no real-time integrations required. Get real peace of mind in no time.

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