Webinar: The Diversion Gap and What to Do About It

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Kit Check’s Clinical Solutions Specialist AJ Rivosecchi, Pharm.D., recently held a webinar to discuss what we call the diversion gap—the space between controlled substance dispense activity and documentation where inventory can go missing. Hosted by IHFDA, the webinar covers key findings from our 2018 Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report, especially as they relate to the opioid crisis. AJ discusses the need … Read More

Nurses Unite: Impacting Change Around the Opioid Epidemic

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This week we come together to celebrate the bravery, compassion, and determination of nurses. There are currently more than four million nurses practicing in the United States, and they are some of the most trusted professionals across any industry. Amid today’s opioid epidemic, which has claimed the lives of over 70,000 Americans, the American Nurses Association (ANA) recognizes the critical … Read More

kit check 2018 hospital pharmacy operations report

Survey of Hospital Pharmacy Directors Reveals Drug Shortages are Top Issue

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Hospital pharmacy directors say drug shortage management was their top challenge in 2018. Other top issues include meeting requirements without increased budget, increasing pharmacy’s role in patient care, and drug diversion events. The fifth annual edition of the Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report (HPOR) captured insights from pharmacy leaders that impact over 1,000 hospitals. Over 75% of the respondents were directors … Read More

Case Study: UNC Health Care Standardizes and Centralizes Pharmacy Operations for Better Efficiency

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UNC Health Care comprises hospitals around the state of North Carolina, all operating around a Shared Services Center (SSC) in Durham. In a continuing effort to consolidate high-volume, non-clinical activities for better efficiency and patient care, UNC looked to Kit Check to help move pharmacy kit replenishment to the SSC. Centralizing this process made sense for a hub-and-spoke setup like … Read More

CEO Kevin MacDonald in Forbes: How AI Can Help Prevent Opioid Theft

Ava MutchlerBlog

As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Kevin MacDonald recently penned an article on how AI technology can prevent opioid theft for the website’s Innovation section. In the Forbes article, MacDonald explains the why preventing diversion is a difficult problem for hospitals and how artificial intelligence can help to solve it.

Healthcare Dive Highlights How Kit Check, Amazon, Cleveland Clinic, Optum and Others are Using AI to Improve Healthcare Delivery

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In a recent article, Healthcare Dive highlighted how Kit Check, Amazon, Cleveland Clinic, Optum and others are successfully implementing AI into healthcare solutions to cut costs and improve patient health. The healthcare AI technology market is expected to increase significantly according to market intelligence firm Tractica, reaching more than $34 billion in 2025, compared to just $2.1 billion in 2018. … Read More

HIStalk Interviews Kit Check CEO Kevin MacDonald

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Kit Check CEO Kevin MacDonald was recently interviewed by HISTalk and shared some thoughts on where the company started, where it is today, and where it’s headed. “We are approaching 500 hospitals now and growing very quickly. We are thrilled that we’re now tracking more than one new medication every second, but there’s still a lot of room to grow,” commented MacDonald.

The Data Science Behind Drug Diversion Detection with Bluesight for Controlled Substances

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Data science has emerged as an ally for hospital directors of pharmacy in the continuous effort to close the “diversion gap”—the space where tracking and controls are incomplete and diverters conceal their activity. Simple math such as standard deviation and averages have proven inadequate in identifying diverters who have become adept at covering their tracks. However, new machine learning algorithms … Read More

7 out of 10 Hospitals Choose Kit Check Because We Offer More Than a Tag

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Pharmacy Purchasing & Products’ (PP&P) annual survey of hospitals found that 71% of all hospitals that have implemented Medication Tray Management chose Kit Check. The next closest competitor claimed only 15% market share followed by a few others in the single digits. I am not surprised at this overwhelming support by hospital pharmacists. I was a director of hospital pharmacy … Read More

50 Hospitals Adopt Bluesight for Controlled Substances to Reconcile Discrepancies Faster, Implement 100% Audit and Close the Diversion Gap

Ramsey ChambersBlog

Kit Check introduced Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS) in 2017 at ASHP Midyear. At the time, we had three hospitals that were using the solution as development partners. We arrive today at ASHP one year later with more than 50 hospitals using BCS. After refining the solution in the first half of 2018, we started to make it generally available … Read More

Kit Check Hospital Users Surpass 50 Million Medications Tracked

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In all of 2012, Kit Check hospital users tracked about 77,000 medications. We saw that figure rise to about 780,000 medications in 2013. We viewed ten times growth in one year as confirmation that Kit Check could make a real impact in the industry. Seeing that figure grow another 70 times over five years is simply inspiring. Kit Check users … Read More

Video: How to Close the Diversion Gap

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Kevin MacDonald, co-founder and CEO of Kit Check, at the Heath Connect Partners fall conference in Chicago discussed the origin of the “Diversion Gap” and how to close it. The “gap” is caused by the fact that systems employed to track controlled substance storage and use in hospitals are not integrated. In addition, no tools exist to adequately identify when anomalies arise … Read More