Pharmacy Directors are under increasing pressure to hold the line on cost while maintaining safety, accuracy and operational efficiency. Kit Check’s annual surveys of pharmacy directors representing over 600 hospitals revealed a consistent conclusion: pharmacy directors are being asked to do more work without more resources. They are also being asked to make operational decisions without access to operational data.

Inner Benefits V1The challenge is to meet these demands in an environment filled with manual processes, little visibility, and few automation tools. The increase in drug recalls, drug shortages, and drug price spikes have only amplified the complexity of the current pharmacy kit and med inventory management challenges. In addition, scrutiny of anesthesia medication usage continues to increase along with the disruption caused by stock outs in the OR, but most pharmacy directors have no visibility into or control over anesthesia meds despite bearing responsibility for drugs throughout the hospital. Before Kit Check, there was no relief from these pressures.

4 Out of 5 Pharmacies Choose Kit Check


Pharmacy Purchasing & Products recently confirmed that Kit Check is used by a lot of hospital pharmacies and it by far the most popular choice. Kit Check was the number one Med Tray Management solution by a large margin because it:

  1. Reduces pharmacy kit processing time by 72-96%
  2. Reduces med stocking errors to zero
  3. Delivers both med cost savings and ROI

The ease of adoption, friendly software interface and dramatic increase in operational efficiency have led hospitals ranging from New York University Langone Medical Center to Texas Children’s Hospital to adopt the solution.

Over 300 hospitals have installed Kit Check and they even benefit from each other because of the power of the connected cloud software. For example, anytime one hospital processes a recall, all of the other hospitals with that NDC and lot number present in kits are notified instantly of the event so they can also take action. Hospital pharmacies can also benchmark their drug spend and waste to other Kit Check hospitals and even share emergency boxes. Nearly 20 million kit medications have been tracked and over a hundred thousand tedious manual labor hours eliminated. Learn more about Kit Check here.

A Solution for Anesthesia Med Restocking

The benefits of Kit Check are not limited to code trays and emergency boxes. The majority of Kit Check users also employ the solution for restocking anesthesia medications in the OR. Instead of having a technician painstakingly replace each used medication in an anesthesia workstation or cabinet, they simply swap out the entire drawer in a couple of seconds and conduct replenishment back in the pharmacy. This has several documented benefits

  1. Faster replenishment
  2. Near elimination of stock outs
  3. Improved med stocking accuracy and oversight


Hospitals ranging from Salinas Valley and Children’s Hospital of Orange County to New York Langone Medical Center and Medstar Georgetown Hospital have all praised the new process flow enabled by Swap Check. Learn more about Swap Check here.

Dedicated to You

Kit Check is dedicated to serving as a friend to the hospital pharmacist. There are many healthcare technology solutions that get retrofitted for use in pharmacy and don’t do the job very well. Kit Check’s solutions are purpose-built for the pharmacy and medication tracking. The software supports specific pharmacy workflows and is more than just an RFID tag. Kit Check has the largest partner based of GPO’s, distributors, repackagers and technology providers, provides unique analytical insights and provides a number of cloud-based features that are enabling a data driven pharmacy.