The pressures of running a hospital seem to compound daily. Meaningful use, ACA, changing FDA regulations, and many other outside forces all add cost while insurance reimbursement changes siphon off revenue. Hospital Administrators need be constantly vigilant about improving efficiency while maintaining patient safety.

Manual Kit Stocking and Check

One large cost center in every hospital is the pharmacy. Today’s manual processes of pharmacy kit management are inefficient and subject to human error. The typical pharmacy kit requires about 30 minutes of restocking time. A pharmacy technician manually checks every item for expiration and then restocks the kit. A pharmacist then repeats the process to verify the pharmacy technician’s work. Despite this double-check, hospitals routinely report that five to 65 percent of all kits include an incorrect or expired medication.

To understand the size of the problem in terms of inefficiency, look no further than NYU’s Langone Medical Center. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists physically handled 2.4 million medications during the kit restocking process. Since implementing Kit Check, NYU has seen:

  • 90% reduction in medication handling
  • A 30-minute process reduced to just three minutes
  • A 50% reduction in anesthesia kit inventory
  • ZERO kit stocking errors

Gaps in OR Medication Tracking

Another significant point of risk for medications is the OR suite. Manual medication recording creates an operational gap in visibility of the full medication life cycle. Medications go into the OR and some come back out, but what happens in between is only known through the minimal records maintained by anesthesia professionals after the fact. Using Kit Check in the OR helps improve anesthesia medication restocking efficiency and also records medication usage automatically using RFID so that visibility and compliance are continuous, even in the surgical suite.

Breaking the Cost and Risk Cycle

Kit Check has developed a suite of solutions that automate hospital pharmacy kit restocking and increase accuracy. We can help your hospital meet organizational goals, cut costs, and ensure patient safety. Check out the stories of two hospitals that have successfully implemented Kit Check solutions: