IDN Ready

While many individual hospitals utilize Kit Check, the solution becomes even more powerful when employed by multi-site systems. Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) throughout the country have captured even greater benefits from using Kit Check. For example:

idn-test Scripps Health is standardizing pharmacy kit inventory across its five sites
muliple-hospitals Medstar has implemented pharmacy kit replenishment automation across its 10 hospitals after the strong success at Georgetown University Hospital and has considered moving the entire operation to a shared service model
muliple-hospitals-analytics Other hospitals are taking advantage of the multi-site analytics dashboard that enables users to compare cost and operational performance across sites

Ready for Large Scale and Integrated Reporting

scalability-1Kit Check already serves over 300 hospitals, has tracked nearly 20 million kit medications and supports 15,000 users. Locally installed PC and server based solutions are not designed to handle the volume and complexity of IDN processes and data. You never have to worry about that with Kit Check. The solution is built on the latest cloud technology so it natively scales vertically with increasing volume and horizontally as new sites are added.

For an IDN, this means bringing on a new site automatically connects it to the other hospitals in the system while enabling both individualized and aggregated medication visibility and reporting. That means kit medication cost, volume and velocity data can be viewed by a single site or across all sites. And, recalls and drug shortages can be managed quickly and consistently across the entire IDN.

Security and Architecture Designed for IDN IT Requirements

Kit Check’s architecture was also designed the with needs of IDN level IT requirements in mind. The solutions have third party validated security in place and automatic back-ups to guard against data loss that is always a challenge with locally installed systems, but represent a key feature of native cloud-based solutions. Kit Check is also built to comply with the latest security and architectural standards to ensure system performance and reliability.

Choice and Flexibility

IDN’s have different needs than individual hospitals and even have differences among the hospitals within their networks. The variance in patient volume, procedures, staffing models, space and physician groups means that you cannot force a vendor-designed process onto an entire IDN. That is why Kit Check provides a flexible solution that can accommodate a variety of process flows, medication preparation, tagging and distribution practices. You can standardize across the network with Kit Check or enable a variety of approaches that all coordinate to deliver consistent operational outcomes and data.

Trusted by 4 out of 5 Hospitals

four-fivePharmacy Purchasing and Products (PPP) found that Kit Check was the leader by a large margin in medication tray management solutions. The data from PPP’s annual State of Pharmacy Automation show that Kit Check is used by three times more hospitals that the next closest vendor of any type. Of the hospitals that have chosen a fully automated solution, 4 out of 5 installed Kit Check.  We are proud of that result because so many hospitals have placed their confidence in us. IDNs can be assured that we are ready to meet their needs and deliver benefits from day one.

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