Efficiency + Safety = Better Care

Time Savings

At under five seconds per scan, Kit Check provides the fastest, most accurate scan in the industry. Most kits can be fully restocked and checked in under three minutes—a time savings of 72-96%. Reduce the time technicians take to restock anesthesia workstations and dispensing cabinets by having fully stocked drawer liners ready to replace used ones.

Drastically Reduced Errors

RFID technology ensures that every kit medication is present, correct, and within expiration guidelines, with 100% accuracy. Kit Check also eliminates the need to manually check each medication to ensure it is correct and within date, and hand entering expiration dates on charge sheets is no longer required.

Better Security

Kit Check provides a double-blind verification method to ensure each medication is correctly tagged and recorded in the system. It also records which technicians and pharmacists performed the tagging process. In some states, the Kit Check verification is an approved substitute for the pharmacist double-check and completely eliminates pharmacist time devoted to kit checking while also reducing the time required of technicians. And 100% visibility lets you see where each kit is dispatched to and which staff member completed the replenishment.


Keep Your Workflow Flowing Smoothly


Whether you choose to use Detail tags with printed medication information or Basic tags without printed information, Kit Check can generate RFIDs to associate full cases or individual vials in seconds. Kit Check validates lot numbers and expiration dates to ensure accuracy.

Inventory Management

Quickly locate all medications on shortage or subject to recall in kits throughout your hospital or network. Kit Check lets you know exactly which medications are in the hospital and understand your usage patterns to optimize your par levels and free up critical inventory. You can use that data to generate savings by reducing kit inventory levels.

Easy Integration

All you need is a web browser--no extra PCs or servers are required. And your internal IT team does not need to be involved, either--the Kit Check team can securely set up the system on a cloud platform in an hour and then help your team get your kits ready for use.


Make Sense of It All

Reporting and Analytics

Dozens of reports allow you to view kits, history, usage, inventory status, medication location across one hospital or an entire health system. Kit Check is the industry’s only dynamic analytics solution that enables you:

  • Optimize inventory par level
  • Reduce waste due to expiration
  • Track total cost of all kit medications in real time

Automated Process

You can set your own thresholds and run reports to identify when medications are about to expire to eliminate unnecessary waste. Billing is automated by determining exactly what was used from each kit and comparing that to usage recorded in other hospital systems.

Partner Network

Kit Check has the largest partner network in the industry. Receive medications pre-tagged by a certified third party re-packager to have your medications ready to go when they arrive at the hospital.

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