Three Tagging Options

Each Kit Check tag is embedded with an RFID chip that is scanned by the blue box. The tags are printed with each medication’s information, either at your hospital or by a third party.

We offer three tagging options...

Detail Tags

Detail tags are printed with specifics of each medication, so you can compare the information on the tags against the manufacturer label, and create printed, beyond-use dating for refrigerated goods. Detailed tags can either be applied in house or by a third-party repackager (see below).

Basic Tags

Basic tags have no identifiable information on them other than the basic medication name and lot number, so there is no need for a printer. Basic tags are applied in-house. Basic tags are just as safe as the detailed tags, and save a step in your workflow.

NEW: We recently introduced a new version of our detailed tags that do not require folding. These tags are easier to handle and have less adhesive—they still stick securely, but make the tagging process more streamlined.


We've partnered with the top 503B compounders in the industry to offer you pre-tagged drugs. Alternatively, you can use a service like Safecor to tag your medications and deliver them to your pharmacy.

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation
SCA Pharma
QuVa Pharma
CAPS (B Braun)
SafeCor Health
Health Care Logistics