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Bluesight for Controlled Substances is Best in KLAS for 2021

Bluesight For Controlled Substances is Top-Ranked in Drug Diversion Monitoring Solutions

2020 was the first year KLAS had a category for Drug Diversion Management Software. Thanks to our loyal customers we were named the first Category Leader. This year we are honored to be named Best in KLAS for Drug Diversion Management. We owe this to the continued partnership with our customers and our mutual goal of reducing drug diversion.

For its annual report, KLAS analyzes performance data and customer satisfaction ratings gathered in interviews with healthcare executives across the country. According to the data collected for the 2020 and 2021 Best in KLAS report, Kit Check customers report having a strong experience overall with the next-generation software and noted its ease of use and integration tools that help users document investigation findings.

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Best in KLAS 2021, Drug Diversion Monitoring award badge.

Top Scores in Multiple Categories

Bluesight for Controlled Substances earned A Grades across a range of areas in its category, including:

  • Culture
  • Loyalty
  • Operations
  • Product
  • Relationship
  • Value

In addition, 100 percent of Kit Check customers reported they would invest in the Bluesight for Controlled Substances product again, and 100 percent said Bluesight for Controlled Substances is part of their long-term plan within their facility or system.

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Highest Customer Satisfaction

The 2020-2021 Best in KLAS report includes quotes from some of our great customers who use Bluesight for Controlled Substances to find diversion risk in their hospitals, and these were overwhelmingly positive:

Here are just a few comments customers shared with KLAS:

I am optimistic that my satisfaction will stay high. The vendor reaches out when they are developing new things and want us to test them, and i can appreciate that. They don’t just have us go live with something and pray for the best. They want to see how it is going to work with what we do in our hospital, and that is almost unheard of when it comes to software.

Manager, January 2020

With Kit Check’s product, we feel much more prepared to monitor drug diversion and respond to investigations or audits if the DEA walked through our doors. With the analytics, it would take us only a few hours, if even that, to produce the data we would need, regardless of whether we suspected a diversion or whether we had  an audit. Nurse managers have said how much they appreciate the system. In the past, the managers have had to put several weeks’ worth of time into investigations, whereas now, we have the data at our fingertips and can produce data in less than an hour.

Director, December 2019

We are thrilled with the finding KLAS reported, and we couldn’t be more proud and grateful for the fantastic feedback.

KLAS based its findings on data collected from interviews with customers, industry reports, and websites. Kit Check develops all our products with our customers in mind, and we stand behind them 100%.

Visit the KLAS website to read the full report.
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* Scores and ratings are based on conditions of low data.

Download the Report

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