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  • CaroMont Hospital Identifies Recalled Drugs with Kit Check
  • ROI - Save $4.07 per Medication
  • Kit Check vs. Manual Pharmacy Kit Processing
  • One Hospital Combats Diversion Using Kit Check
  • Designed for Ease of Use
  • Kit Check Installs in One Hour
  • Working at Top of License
  • A Pharmacist's Perspective
  • 3 Benefits of Kit Check
  • How Kit Check Started
  • RFID Tags for Pharmacy
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  • Tagging Demo: Pre-Tagged Medications
  • Tagging Demo: Basic Tags
  • Tagging Demo: Detail Tags
  • Methods & Opportunities for OR Med Dispensing Report
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  • Anesthesia Medication Tracking Survey
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  • Ten Million Medications Tracked Infographic
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  • St. Rita's Medical Center Earns a 75% First-Year ROI with Kit Check
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  • Buyer's Guide for Hospital Pharmacy Kit Automation
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  • Kit Check 2015 Year in Review Infographic
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  • Improving Efficiency and Safety at Texas Children's Hospital
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  • Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report
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  • Edward Hospital Saves $1,000 Per Pharmacy Kit with Kit Check
  • CEO Kevin MacDonald on Why Kit Check is More Than Just a Tag
  • Kit Check Overview
  • The Numbers Show That Kit Check is More Than Just a Tag
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  • Advocate Lutheran Discusses Benefits of Using PharMEDium with Kit Check
  • Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown Discusses Advantages of Kit Check
  • Scripps Health Discusses Benefits of Kit Check Analytics
  • 100% Accuracy at Brigham and Women's Hospital
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  • Scripps Health DoP Robert Eastin on the Value of Kit Check
  • Salinas Valley Automates Med Restocking for ADCs
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  • State Board Inspections Are "No Problem" with Kit Check
  • A Near Miss Led MedStar Georgetown to Kit Check
  • Edward Hospital Saves $1000 Using Kit Check Analytics
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  • PharMEDium Prefilled Syringes with Kit Check
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  • ASHP Posters & Presentations
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  • The 7 Levels of Work in the Hospital Pharmacy
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