CHKD Saves Time and Combats Diversion with Bluesight for Controlled Substances

Kit Check Case Study

Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters

Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughters had a problem. At one point there was a full time pharmacist dedicated to medication dispensing, tracking and reconciliation in the OR. That enabled 100% controlled substance audit. However, when the hospital switched to Automated Dispensing Cabinets hoping to improve control and save staff time, the data wasn’t reconciled with EMR administration. As a result, audits were only conducted on a portion of cases and they lacked the match to administration data. This created a big gap that increased diversion risk.

CHKD enlisted Kit Check and Bluesight for Controlled Substances to close the gap. The result is comprehensive data, 100% audit, less risk and far less staff time.

Read the full story in the CHKD case study.

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