Little Blue Box Scanning Station

New Kit Check Little Blue BoxKit Check’s RFID Scanning Station is affectionately called the, “Little Blue Box” by our users. It fits tucked away in those pharmacy nooks, is designed to fit the large variety of pharmacy kit types and almost magically identifies in just five seconds what kit medications are missing, expiring or incorrect. Kit Check’s RFID scanning stations are the workhorses of pharmacy kit restocking automation and designed for reliability, ease of installation and remote support. We also think they look great.

No Charge for Scanning Stations

Kit Check’s standard scanning stations are provided at no cost to users. While many pharmacy technology providers ask for large up-front equipment purchases or long-term leases, Kit Check provides RFID scanning stations and pharmacy kit processing software free of charge. Users simply purchase whatever RFID medication tags are needed to get started. Kit Check engineers install and configure the system without the need for internal IT support and hospital pharmacies are using the system the same day. The scanning station itself takes less than one hour to install and configure.

Two Standard Models and Custom Sizes Too

Kit Check offers three standard RFID scanning station models and can provide smaller or larger custom sizes on request. To learn more about the Little Blue Box, please fill out the form below.