New & Noteworthy: RFID Tagging Service

by Tim Kress-Spatz

“Kit Check automates the checking of code trays, OR kits, intubation boxes, and other pharmacy stocked kits using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, applied to the drugs. The system allows hospitals to scan every lot number, expiration date, and NDC in a tray in less than 5 seconds. Pharmacies can check trays without requiring a second pharmacist check, and ultimately the systems allows facilities to manage safety issues, including avoiding expired or incorrect items in kits. Kits Check now offers a tagging service, in partnership with FDA- and GMP-certified repackagers across the United States, to compliment the system. Working with every major wholesaler, these repackagers can apply tags to medications prior to entering the hospital, so users can simply drop pre-tagged drugs into their existing kits and immediately experience the full benefits of Kit Check.”

– Pharmacy Purchasing & Products

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