RFID Tray Replenishment from Kit Check

by Tim Kress-Spatz

“…in April 2012, we decided to implement a new technology to manage this process, with the goals of improving efficiency, workflow, and employee satisfaction within the pharmacy. We chose to implement Kit Check, a radio frequency identification (RFID)-based technology that facilitates the stocking and checking of medication trays. In reviewing the available products for automating this process, we found several that use bar code scanning to enable management, but those still require manual scanning of each item. RFID allows the entire contents of a single tray to be accounted for at once…

We have experienced great satisfaction with this technology since adoption and plan to expand it to include our operating room (OR) trays within the next year. Furthermore, UMMC is also considering purchasing an additional Kit Check scanning device and moving OR tray replenishment activities from the OR pharmacy to the central pharmacy to further enhance workflow.”

– Pharmacy Purchasing & Products

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