It is clear that the IT department has its hands full in every hospital in the United States. Whether you are implementing Epic, Cerner, CPOE, a health information exchange, or are just trying to maintain the systems already in use, the schedule is full. At Kit Check, we understand IT and the current burden. That is why we developed a cloud-based solution that requires no hospital IT support.

Automating from the Cloud

KitCheck_Inner_Tour-(1)_03To use Kit Check, the pharmacy staff only needs an internet-connected web browser. No data is stored onsite. All processing, data management, reporting, and support is handled remotely by the Kit Check engineering team. The network load is also minimal given the small packet size being passed to our cloud-based servers. Additionally, there is no private health information or HIPAA related data associated with the system.

What about Installation?

Installation requires zero IT support. As long as there is an internet-connected web browser, the Kit Check team actually configures the system in less than an hour the day the solution goes live. We also provide 24/7 customer support in case any issues do arise. Kit Check’s software and cloud-hosted model makes resolution simple as most support requests can be resolved remotely.

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