As certification requirements rise, hospital pharmacy technicians are being asked to fulfill more roles that used to be reserved for pharmacists. However, pharmacy techs have few reliable automation solutions and need to juggle numerous manual tasks, such as pharmacy kit restocking.

Manual Kit Restocking

Today, when a pharmacy kit returns from use, pharmacy technicians must determine which items were used. They must also physically handle each remaining medication to ensure none are nearing expiration. Most kit medications actually get this expiration check 12-16 times before they are used or discarded. It is a tedious process, but it must be done to ensure patient safety.

There’s A Better Way

Kit Check automates pharmacy kit processing. Simply place the kit inside the scanning station—the “Little Blue Box”—and then click the scan button in your browser on your nearby PC. Five seconds later the screen displays which items are missing and which need to be removed because they are nearing expiration. After restocking, the kit is scanned again to validate that everything is correct. You then simply click the “print” button to generate the charge sheet. A process that used to take 15-20 minutes now can be completed in about three minutes. Learn more about Kit Check.


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