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By The Numbers

140 Million
RFID-tagged medications scanned
Potential instances of drug diversion investigated and closed
$6.5 Million
Saved from drug spend
Hospital Customers

Kit Check’s suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions bring Simplicity, Visibility, and Predictability to some of the biggest challenges in the hospital.

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At every point your hospital touches medications, Kit Check’s suite of Medication Intelligence solutions work together to ensure a safer, more efficient, and less expensive experience. Click through each product feature in detail, engage with a self-guided demo for each product, and hear directly from our customers how Kit Check has revolutionized their hospital. 

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Kit Check Powered by Bluesight

Our automated, RFID-enabled medication management system helps hospital pharmacies gain better visibility into medication usage to increase efficiencies and improve patient care.

Let Kit Check powered by Bluesight® help you:

  • Easily navigate supply chain challenges like recalls and shortages without interrupting hospital operations
  • Restock kits, trays, anesthesia workstations, and crash carts over 80% faster than manual restocking so your team can focus on what matters
  • Optimize PAR levels and ordering to ensure every vial of medications reaches a patient before it expires for substantial cost savings

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Bluesight for Controlled Substances

Bluesight for Controlled Substances®

Bluesight® for Controlled Substances uses industry-leading machine learning to provide comprehensive audit coverage of all controlled substance dispenses and administrations across pharmacy, nursing, OR, and perioperative environments, to prevent diversion.

Let Bluesight for Controlled Substances help you:

  • Prevent drug diversion in all areas of the hospital, from the pharmacy to the OR to nursing areas
  • Verify your team is using best practice documentation to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance
  • Audit 100% of your controlled substance administrations in just minutes a day and investigate any anomalies quickly and easily without manual paperwork

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Nurse looking at monitor.
Nurse looking at monitor.
Bluesight Insights

Our easy-to-implement solution gives you actionable insights into the medication supply chain to optimize spending, maximize compliance, and save your hospital money.

Let Bluesight Insights™ help you:

  • Save 1-3% of your annual medication spend 
  • Simplify drug purchasing decisions with real-time insights into drug pricing and availability
  • Maintain GPO and 340B compliance in one centralized ecosystem

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Our Customers

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Makes my job so much easier! I have worked in a hospital without Kit Check before, and it required a [full-time] technician to manually refill all the trays/boxes! To me, Kit Check is worth the expense, especially for the unusual amount of boxes this hospital’s pharmacy has.

Britney P., Pharmacy Technician

Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy

Before [implementing Bluesight for Controlled Substances], we were fighting fires, but could never be sure that they were the right ones. Having data from multiple sites all in one place and a report that is easy to read and understand is beneficial.

Dr. Andrew Stanley, PharmD., MBA, Pharmacy Support Manager

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