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Bluesight® for Controlled Substances

Keep Your Staff and Patients Safe

Prevent drug diversion, audit all controlled substance administrations, and ensure best practice documentation in all clinical areas in minutes a day with our Best in KLAS solution. Kit Check is the market share leader and a top performing vendor in the latest KLAS report, with Kit Check customers consistently seeing success in tangible outcomes.

Watch our prerecorded produce demo to see why Bluesight for Controlled Substances is continually ranked at the top in comparison to its peers.

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Why Bluesight for Controlled Substances

Hospital Partners
Potential instances of diversion investigated and closed
100% Audit
Every controlled substance dose from the wholesaler to the patient

Studies show about one in ten healthcare providers are abusing drugs.

This matches the rate in the general population but increased access to controlled substances and patient safety concerns make hospital drug diversion all the more serious.

Bluesight for Controlled Substances takes a proactive approach to combat this ongoing public health crisis and uses industry-leading machine learning to prevent drug diversion at your organization, sharpen up non-compliant documentation practices, and ensure struggling team members receive the help they need.

A single high-profile diversion event can cause significant reputational damage for a hospital, put patients at risk, and incur substantial fines from the DEA. Only 100% audit coverage allows visibility into controlled substance inventory and movement across all care areas in the facility. Having access to a complete controlled substance record helps ensure patient safety, staff accountability, and compliance.

Comprehensive Solution

A Comprehensive Solution to a Complex Problem

The Bluesight for Controlled Substances reconciliation engine conducts closed-loop dose reconciliation and traces every dispense through the corresponding administrations, waste, and/or return events to ensure that the full volume dispense is accounted for across all documentation systems, care providers, and handoffs.

From the wholesaler order to the narcotics vault, to the patient’s EMR, Bluesight for Controlled Substances provides item-level visibility into a hospital’s controlled substance inventory and highlights providers whose behavior deviated from their peers’ groups using a proprietary Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS). The Bluesight for Controlled Substances team has extensive experience integrating the software with all major EMR and ADC vendors, including in perioperative, nursing, and pharmacy areas, and has a proven track record of timely implementations with hundreds of satisfied hospitals.

Aggregates Information

Aggregates Existing Information

Bluesight for Controlled Substances aggregates existing information from wholesaler ordering, dispensing cabinets and EMR about who is handling what medications, when, where, and for whom.

Using industry-leading data science techniques, Bluesight for Controlled Substances analyzes behavior patterns within peer groups—including time lags, movement, wasting relationships, and more—and then distills problem areas and individuals into a focused action list of Individual Risk Identification Scores (IRIS).


Machine Learning Uncovers What’s Important

Bluesight for Controlled Substances does all of the heavy lifting. Instead of digging through reams of documentation to find charting or dispensing errors, you can focus on the substantive issues and spend time on meaningful action.

All analytics and dashboards are updated in real-time with every data transfer; no waiting for an end-of-month report to identify outliers or patterns. Bluesight for Controlled Substances highlights risk and deviations from the norm as they occur, in easy to navigate dashboards.


Fully Searchable

Fully Searchable Audit Trail

Bluesight for Controlled Substances makes fully searchable, transaction-level record keeping possible for hospitals and IDNs of any size. Exception reports allow your staff to focus on the important discrepancies, and resolutions are tracked automatically to provide you with a complete audit trail.


Maintain visibility of each controlled substance dose to monitor potential diversion

Bluesight ® for Controlled Substances is the only solution on the market that provides a 100% audit of controlled substances doses throughout their entire clinical lifecycle, from the wholesaler to the pharmacy, all the way to the patient care area, and the patient’s Electronic Medical Record.

Dashboards, reporting, and analytics in the cloud mean you always know where your biggest drug diversion risks are–no more waiting until the end of the month for outlier reports.

Stay focused on what matters with our Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) 

Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS) uses machine learning algorithms to identify clinicians whose behavior shows a higher risk for diversion activity. IRIS automatically identifies where to start your diversion investigations without requiring you to dig through separate metrics and dashboards.

For all clinical areas -Pharmacy, Nursing, and the OR – IRIS provides a simple way to quantify providers’ behaviors that are statistically abnormal from their peer group. IRIS takes a look at behavioral abnormalities from analytic reports like Action Times, Waste Networks, Dispense Trends, Variance Trends, Shift Analysis, and more – and collates these metrics into an overarching IRIS number for each provider, allowing managers to stay focused.

Create a cross-departmental game plan when potential diversion arises

Our Investigation Portfolios feature a robust collaborative framework to carry out a cross-departmental investigation of an employee indicating abnormal behavior around controlled substances, and therefore an elevated IRIS score.

This allows managers to document all facets of data gathering and retain all files in a central, exportable, and secure location. This means investigations are systematic, repeatable, and automatically launched, so you can be reassured that with such a sensitive task, every employee is treated fairly, and HR, Compliance, Nursing, and any other required departments can be included as needed.

Be completely prepared for an audit

How ready is your team to answer hard questions on the distribution, use, and documentation of controlled substances in your hospital? You need an audit tool that’s easy to implement, with enough real value to stand up to regulatory scrutiny, and help prevent a diversion event from being a reality in the future. Bluesight for Controlled Substances leverages your data, matches your workflows, and helps meet your goals for compliance with Joint Commission, CMS, the DEA, and state Boards of Pharmacy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

[Bluesight for Controlled Substances] is such a time saver! We used to do what the system is capable of manually. We would audit 10% of our staff every month, doing 30 days of activity. We couldn’t capture everyone, so I feel confident that we are sharpening our practices because I’m able to follow up with everyone on a more consistent basis.”

Nurse Manager

Having Bluesight for Controlled Substances has really helped paint a bigger picture of what’s going on with nurse documentations, and to be more compliant at the same time.

Peri-Operative & PACU Nurse Manager

Before [implementing Bluesight for Controlled Substances], we were fighting fires, but could never be sure that they were the right ones. Having data from multiple sites all in one place and a report that is easy to read and understand is beneficial.

Dr. Andrew Stanley, PharmD., MBA, Pharmacy Support Manager

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