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Bluesight Insights

Save Between 1-3% on Annual Spend

Restock your pharmacy with the best information available. Bluesight Insights modernizes the drug purchasing experience and provides transparency to all available medication options to ensure you get the best prices and your organization is fully stocked with the medications it needs.

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Why Bluesight Insights

Average annualized drug spend savings
Total drug spend saved per customer
Average time to return on investment
Optimized Supply Chain Management

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Is your organization paying the best price for each medication it purchases? With so many options available, manual comparison for each drug presentation is overwhelming.

Bluesight Insights utilizes innovative technology for optimized supply chain management, helping hospitals and health systems manage and stock pharmacy inventory with ease by providing real-time insights into drug pricing, GPO compliance and 340B optimization.

The end results are substantial hard dollar drug savings recognized from the start.

Hospital Savings

Among our hospital partners representing 20 + individual hospitals and 1.5 billion in managed budget, we discovered the  following opportunities for savings.

Small Hospital

Over $40,000 yearly validated savings with Bluesight Insights

Large Hospital

Over $2.8M yearly validated savings with Bluesight Insights

Multi-Site IDN

Nearly $3.4M yearly validated savings with Bluesight Insights

Bluesight Insights is continually updated with information from all wholesalers on key purchasing metrics, including pricing, presentation options and more cost-effective alternatives, all visible through the platform’s dashboard.

The solution keeps track of everything in an organization’s catalog, from inpatient medications, to outpatient drugs and vaccines. This enables evidence-based purchasing, which helps hospitals and health systems not only maximize their budgets, but also optimize and balance their stock. Bluesight Insights cuts through the complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain and drug price volatility to identify actionable opportunities.


Insights Benefits

Be notified in real-time whenever a new better-priced item enters the market, or if a competitor lowers their pricing.

Prices can and do change on a daily basis. You can now see whenever a price changes, and see historical pricing over time.

You should be paying the same price across similar account types. Contract and pricing errors are all too common and easily missed. You now have a way to quickly identify these errors and get them corrected.

Is your team buying the correct, most cost-effective items? Now you can monitor Pharmacy purchasing behavior to reduce overspending.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) help healthcare providers save money on products and services. Bluesight Insights monitors overall GPO compliance and helps increase Failure-to-supply (FTS) refunds from manufacturers.

Shortages abound in today’s pharmaceutical market. Bluesight Insights delivers the most up-to-date shortage information so you and your team can quickly respond to the ever-changing market.

You can now see when you have an increase in spending due to a change in your 340B ratio per medication. Whenever spend increases you will now be notified of the potential problem.

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