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Bluesight Insights

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Save Between 1-3% on Annual Spend

Restock your pharmacy with the best information available. Bluesight Insights modernizes the drug purchasing experience and provides transparency to all available medication options to ensure you get the best prices and your organization is fully stocked with the medications it needs. Our savings calculator will help you determine how much you could be saving with Insights.

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Why Bluesight Insights

Average annualized drug spend savings
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Current Gaps in Purchasing

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Is your organization paying the best price for each medication it purchases? With so many options available, manual comparison for each drug presentation is overwhelming.

Bluesight Insights utilizes innovative technology for optimized supply chain management, helping hospitals and health systems manage and stock pharmacy inventory with ease by providing real-time insights into drug pricing, GPO compliance and 340B optimization.

The end results are substantial hard dollar drug savings recognized from the start. The first step in optimizing your pharmacy drug spend is identifying the gaps in your current process.

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How Does Insights Work?

How Does Insights Work?

Bluesight Insights is continually updated with information from all wholesalers on key purchasing metrics, including pricing, presentation options and more cost-effective alternatives, all visible through the platform’s dashboard. Insights reporting allows you an unparalleled view into the purchasing habits and savings opportunities across multiple hospitals in an IDN.

The solution keeps track of everything in an organization’s catalog, from inpatient medications, to outpatient drugs and vaccines. This enables evidence-based purchasing, which helps hospitals and health systems not only maximize their budgets, but also optimize and balance their stock. Bluesight Insights cuts through the complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain and drug price volatility to identify actionable opportunities.

Interested in learning more about how insights can help you? You can view a pre-recorded product demo below.

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Customer Success Stories

Insights Customer Success Stories

Pharmacy Finance and 340B Coordinator

Failure to Supply Utilization

When initially working through the value of FTS purchasing with Thomas Latuga PharmD, BCPS, Pharmacy Finance and 340B Coordinator, he had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when he realized that not only did they not have a workflow to ensure maximal FTS value, they weren’t even aware of the process that had to be followed in order to qualify for the credits! Tom was not receiving FTS credits because of the lack of submitting backorders on the contracted NDCs for calculation, and subsequent crediting, of the increased spend. They were leaving every FTS dollar unclaimed. Insights implementation provided them with a valuable opportunity to start receiving FTS credits as well as a workflow and tool for ensuring they were following the right process.


Identified Contract Error Preventing Major Overcharge

During the initial data validation call, even before they were fully live with Insights, the team at UNC was reviewing the features and functionality of Insights. In making this review and highlighting functionality, a discrepancy with contract pricing for insulins was realized between a hospital-owned retail pharmacy and the system-owned contract pharmacy. Research determined that the contract price was dropped from the health-system owned contract pharmacy wholesaler account in error. UNC was able to work with the wholesaler to correct the error and process credit/rebills to recoup contract price savings on hundreds of units of insulin.

340B Senior Analyst

Bad WAC Purchase Detected

The 340B team has been avid users of Insights to prioritize their work and detect anomalies in purchasing in real-time. Almost as soon as the 340B team started using Insights, they detected a large uptick in WAC purchasing percentage for Supprelin LA through the anomaly detection provided in the Insights 340B alert. They were able to instantly request a reclassification of the purchase and thus were able to avoid over $90,000 in bad WAC spend as the purchase was reclassified and rebilled at the 340B price. Prior to Insights, such an anomaly would have taken months to detect, if at all.

Pharmacy Storeroom Supervisor

Significant Overcharges on Non-Monitored Account

The Procurement team was challenged with the day-to-day of keeping up with all 50 of their accounts. Occasionally, they would have 15 wholesaler windows open trying to locate invoices and to remember which account they were looking at all while searching through email. Bluesight Insights helped them to filter through items that may have been overlooked when they were doing orders.

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