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Kit Check powered by Bluesight®

Manage Your Medication Inventory from the Unit-Dose Up

Our RFID-enabled solution automates every aspect of inventory management, so providers can practice at the top of their license. In a recent Becker’s Survey among hospital systems that use a vendor for kit and tray management, Kit Check leads the market at 51%. Results showed that 65% of providers consider Kit Check the industry leader.  See why Kit Check is the #1 choice for managing your kits, trays and inventory.

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Why Kit Check Powered by Bluesight

Faster than manual restocking
Available Pre-tagged medications
Restocking errors
Medication Inventory

100% Visibility of Medication Inventory

Kit Check® provides the industry-leading medication inventory management solution for hospitals. With RFID technology, hospitals can keep an eye on every vial and syringe of medication, to ensure

  • Time savings on manual tasks so clinicians can better focus on patient care
  • Accurate restocking that eliminates errors and increases patient safety
  • Substantial cost savings from inventory optimization

Kit Check powered by Bluesight provides item-level visibility from manufacturer to patient, giving clinicians a cloud-based record of their medication inventory in real-time, accessible from anywhere.

How does Kit Check work?

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Free up time so everyone can practice at the top of their license

Kit Check powered by Bluesight®  has been proven to reduce kit and tray restocking time by 80-96% and supports multiple workflows including tech-check-tech.

Eliminate errors to ensure compliance and patient safety

Eliminate kit and tray restocking errors through RFID-enabled automation and anytime, anywhere access to analytics and reporting to support best practice across the entire pharmacy team.

Manage shortages and recalls with ease

Accurate, item-level visibility saves substantial time processing a recall and completing operational assessments in the face of drug shortages.

Smart segments and built-in alerts help your team reallocate shortaged medications to where they are needed most and ensure that alternately-stocked items are substituted efficiently across the entire organization.

Decrease costs and increase revenue so that you can reinvest in patient care

Prescriptive analytics Powered by Bluesight ® pinpoints opportunities to reduce medication costs, avoid medication waste due to expirations, and increase revenue. Segment Optimization analytics take the guesswork out of PAR level optimization and Shrinkage Analysis quantifies the impact of undocumented administrations on your bottom line.

“There is a lot of value in having consistently correct restocking, both in staff efficiency and patient safety. Kit Check is delivering in both of those areas.”

System Director of Central Pharmacy Services

Kit Check® in the OR

Kit Check® in the OR

Whether your hospital uses anesthesia workstations or OR trays, OR inventory data is often inaccurate and unplanned changes to medications such as form factor, dosages, expirations, stock-outs, and other inventory errors, can pose a big threat to patient safety.

Kit Check –

  • Provides full visibility of medication inventory in the OR
  • Prevents stock-outs, expired products from reaching a patient, and waste due to inventory errors
  • Improves charge capture for high cost OR medications
  • Delivers faster, easier, and more precise re-stocking


Kit Check is a founding member of DoseID™, the first industry consortium focused on best practices for the use of RFID in healthcare. DoseID RFID-tagged medications are interoperable in systems like Kit Check and are certified to ensure RFID quality and performance, and complete and accurate item-level data. There are hundreds of NDCs available from DoseID member companies with an interoperable RFID tag embedded in the unit dose label, enabling these medications to be scanned right out of the box.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Manually restocking anesthesia workstations took up to 3 hours a day. Now we can process all the OR’s in less than 30 minutes.”

Michael Brown, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy

With Kit Check, the Anesthesia tray restocking process is 35% faster, but 100% better. “There is a lot of value in having consistently correct restocking, both in staff efficiency and patient safety. Kit Check is delivering in both of those areas.

Adrian Gonzales, PharmD, Director of Central Pharmacy Services

Kit Check has been great to work with…and they want to help optimize your front-end operations as much as possible. They’re very responsive to feedback and willing to work with you.

Jason N., Director of Pharmacy

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