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Professional Services

Developing a Diversion Program is Time Consuming and Complex

At Kit Check, we understand that developing a comprehensive diversion program requires a lot of time, resources, and expertise. That’s why we’ve developed a turn-key Professional Services program that takes the heavy lift out of creating and managing your own program. Our team of experts meets your specific needs with dedicated resources to help streamline your processes, solve for skills gaps, and set you up for success.

Our Solutions


Kit Check for Professional Services is a customizable suite of services that employ a hands-on, dedicated specialist to assist with managing and optimizing drug diversion programs. A sampling of services offered include:

  • Routine surveillance, monitoring, and data interpretation to identify suspicious behavior
  • Investigation analyses and support for quicker turnaround time
  • Reporting to analyze and measure performance compliance metrics
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Why Us?


Drug diversion can have devastating consequences on patient safety, staff well-being, and the organization in terms of penalties and reputation harm. When surveying the field, there are plenty of companies that offer SaaS, proprietary technologies, databases, or a combination of the above. While we offer these as well, we believe in the power of experience and a knowledgeable team working on your side. Our hands-on approach provides direct assistance with running specific activities of your drug diversion program using Bluesight for Controlled Substances makes meaningful recommendations and offers impactful insights to close gaps and quickly identify potential diversion.

Let’s work together to change that today.


  • We provide direct assistance, as long as you need it
    • The primary contact for hospitals using Professional Services will be a dedicated analyst, overseen by our Clinical Team of experts
  • We put the information in your hands
    • Our expert team will work with you to review, interpret and deliver actionable information so that you can make better decisions, faster.
  • We offer flexible engagements to meet any need
    • Whether it’s short-term to help get you over the learning curve or a multi-year contract, let us work with you to develop a plan that makes sense for you, your team, and your vision of a successful drug diversion program, that meets your budget.

Kit Check Powered by Bluesight®

Kit Check’s namesake RFID-enabled inventory management solution has been helping hospitals modernize time-consuming and inefficient restocking processes, and automate them to save redundant drug spend and increase patient safety.

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Bluesight® for Controlled Substances

Bluesight for Controlled Substances uses industry leading machine learning to prevent drug diversion at your organization, sharpen up noncompliant documentation practices, and ensure struggling team members receive the help they need.

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Bluesight Insights™

Helping you stay on top of rapidly shifting drug prices, availability, and regulations, Bluesight Insights provides holistic visibility into the supply chain — so you can reduce costs and keep your hospital well stocked.

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