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CaroMont Case Study

CaroMont Case Study

CaroMont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia, NC consists of a 435-bed acute care hospital, 50 offsite physician offices and 16 outpatient clinics. As part of daily operations, the pharmacy
manages medication stocking in 90 crash carts and another 265 pharmacy kits. Manually restocking crash carts consumed over 20 minutes after each use and due to other pressing needs, the kits sometimes waited in the hospital pharmacy for 24 hours before resources were available to complete the process.

Additionally, there were more than a dozen drug recalls impacting pharmacy kits in 2013. These incidents were a significant drain on pharmacy staff time. Recalls are unplanned, unbudgeted events and were often managed using overtime. Each recall was also labor-intensive, often consuming upwards of 40 man-hours to resolve. Recalls required traveling to 66 locations to check all pharmacy kits and determine which contained recalled medications.

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