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Drug Shortages White Paper

Drug Shortages White Paper

Drug shortages are on the rise both nationally and globally, with our research showing that 62% of hospital pharmacies are currently experiencing more than 10 simultaneous drug shortages. This disruption in the supply chain costs hospitals money, strains their efficiency, and allows for potential negative impacts on patient care.

The World Health Organization recognized the power of technology to improve supply chain management, and recommended working toward a global shortage notification system. The WHO identified the development of global data standards and database management strategies as a top priority in the handling of shortages.

At Kit Check, we have developed Bluesight Insights as a powerful solution to help pharmacies make intelligent buying decisions that optimize supply chain management with real-time market insights.

Download this resource to gain a better understanding of the state of drug shortages today, and learn how to combat them with intelligent solutions created to help simplify the complex process of navigating the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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