“Using Kit Check has created tremendous efficiency in our pharmacy kit processing. We have cut kit replenishment time by more than 90%. By eliminating the manual process, Kit Check is enabling CaroMont pharmacists to spend more time on direct patient care.”Mike Molby, Director of Pharmacy Services for CaroMont

Kit Check’s focus is helping hospital pharmacists improve operational efficiency, patient safety and medication visibility so that they can cut costs and allow more time to focus on clinical care. We do this by providing friendly technology solutions that are simple to install and use, reliably automating manual processes and providing visibility into medications in the hospital. One inefficient process that consumes a great deal of pharmacist and pharmacy technician time is pharmacy kit replenishment. To see the difference between Kit Check’s automated solution and manual pharmacy kit replenishment, watch the video below for a side-by-side comparison.

Legacy vs. Kit Check


The Benefits

  • 90% reduction in pharmacy kit processing time
  • 45% reduction in kit inventory
  • Improved kit accuracy from 80% to 99.975%
  • 5% reduction in medication waste due to expiration
  • 93% reduction in time to manage a recall impacting kit inventory
  • 10,000 fewer man hours for kit restocking in the first year
  • Easier to manage drug shortages