Safety. Efficiency. Visibility.

Since 2011, Kit Check’s mission has been to help improve operational efficiency, patient safety, and medication visibility throughout the hospital. We develop solutions that allow hospital staff—from pharmacy to anesthesia to compliance—to get out from under mountains of paperwork and manual processes, so they can focus on why they got into healthcare in the first place: providing quality patient care.

We focus on helping hospitals tackle some of the biggest challenges they face when it comes to managing and tracking the millions of dollars worth of medication inventory that flows through their institutions every year.

Inventory management automation and analytics

Kit Check’s medication management solutions are easy to deploy use so your organization can start realizing ROI in weeks.

  • Free up staff and deliver 100% accuracy with RFID-enabled automation.
  • Decrease costs and increase revenues by improving inventory turns and charge capture with prescriptive analytics.
  • Efficiently navigate shortages and recalls with speed and accuracy leveraging item-level visibility.

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Check out the 2017 Kit Check Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report.

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Controlled substance oversight and risk mitigation

Bluesight for Controlled Substances helps your pharmacy ensure 100% transaction-level audit coverage without adding additional headcount.

  • Identify risk more effectively and address risk before it ends up in the newspaper with with proprietary risk algorithms and machine learning.
  • Remain compliant and avoid costly fines with investigative dashboard and reporting tools that allow you to see what’s happening across departments, hospitals and time..
  • Spend less time auditing 100% of transactions with a unified controlled substance auditing platform that automatically processes 95%+ of transactions.

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