Kit Check is the #1 medication inventory management solution for managing kits, trays, anesthesia workstations, and crash carts and is used by over 400 leading hospitals across the US. Eliminate the operational pains associated with hospital inventory management and reallocate resources towards improving patient care.


Free up time so everyone can practice at the top of their license

Kit Check has been proven to reduce medication restocking time by 72-96% and supports multiple pharmacy workflows, including tech-check-tech where allowed by the state board of pharmacy.


Eliminate errors to ensure compliance and patient safety

Reduce medication restocking errors to zero through RFID-enabled hospital inventory automation and anytime, anywhere access to analytics and reporting to make sure everyone is following the rules.


Weather unforeseen supply chain challenges without totally disrupting operations

Accurate, item level visibility can save you 100% of the time it usually takes to process a recall and allows your team to quickly complete an operational assessment in the face of a medication shortage. Smart segments and built-in alerts allow you to implement and communicate your shortage mitigation plan.


Decrease costs and increase revenue so that you can reinvest in patient care

Prescriptive analytics powered by Bluesight pinpoint opportunities to reduce medication costs and increase revenues. Segment optimization analytics take the guesswork out of par level optimization and shrinkage analysis quantifies the impact of undocumented administrations on your bottom line.

Which best describes your situation?

Crash carts are “black holes” for medications.

The Joint Commission magically finds expired meds in a crash cart during every audit and recalls take days to process because you don’t know where anything is. Kit Check provides item-level crash cart inventory visibility down to the NDC and lot, can be deployed in days, and starts paying for itself immediately in labor and inventory savings while ensuring 100% accuracy.

Anesthesia tray restocking is a chore.

Technicians and pharmacists are spending entire shifts processing overstuffed trays, but you lack accurate usage data to inform par level discussions. Kit Check frees up hospital staff to focus on other priorities and provides prescriptive recommendations to optimize your anesthesia tray inventory.

Your non-automated anesthesia cart inventory is a mystery.

Pharmacy staff spends too much time restocking your BlueBell™ carts in the OR, and visibility into their contents is low. Kit Check reduces staff time, ensures 100% medication restocking accuracy, and provides a digital log of all transactions to ensure compliance.

Your automated anesthesia workstations aren’t delivering on their promise.

No one realized how long it was going to take to restock these machines, and hospital inventory levels are off because of lapses in documentation. Speed up restocking, automatically true up inventory levels, and assess the impact of missed charges on the bottom line.