Turbocharge your tray swaps.

Your anesthesia tray swap model is great because Pharmacy has total control over the restocking process. However, manual, highly repetitive, paper-based process takes a lot of time, is error prone, and captures no usage data. Kit Check can turbocharge your anesthesia tray restocking process to save your team time, eliminate errors, and optimize your budget spend.

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

  • Pharmacists spend significant time “double checking” to ensure compliance
  • Your staff hates getting assigned the job of restocking
  • Shortages mean that OR trays are constantly changing and staff have a difficult time keeping track, which can lead to errors
  • Anesthesia trays are overflowing with medications but you have no usage data to help you adjust par levels
  • Auditors found expired meds or other inventory errors in the OR and negative impacts your review

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Kit Check can fit in perfectly with your existing workflows.

Kit Check Can Help

  • Free up staff to work on higher priority tasks by reducing restocking times by up to 97%
  • Avoid bottlenecks and disruptions to normal operations by enabling proactive planning around shortages
  • Eliminate errors and ensure compliance by automatically logging all restocking activity
  • Manage budget spend by reducing inventory costs and waste

This product has been great and the system has been amazing with time management [and] dealing with medications.

David C., Technician

Feature Highlights

Work Smarter

See real gains in 100% accuracy and 97% efficiency through RFID-enabled automation.

Get Real-time Insight

Make data driven inventory optimization decisions using our prescriptive analytics and reporting powered by Bluesight.

Implement With Ease

Get started quickly with our “built for pharmacy” solution that supports any workflow, fits any space and can be deployed in just days.