Get rid of the guesswork.

Crash cart restocking is sometimes called “the worst job in pharmacy” because it takes forever, and is painfully repetitive and error prone, which can lead to auditor citations and patient safety issues. Kit Check is the #1 crash cart management automation solution and has helped transform inventory operations at hundreds of hospitals across the US.

Do you struggle with these issues?

  • Auditors find expired medications in trays
  • Senior staff spend significant time "double checking" to ensure compliance
  • Recalls take days to process
  • Spikes in the number of carts and trays to process grind operations to a halt
  • Inability to make informed decisions about par levels and inventory management
  • Restocking errors that can lead to patient safety issues

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Get a closer look at our RFID tagging and scanning options, and how we can analyze your data  to improve your processes.

We’ve helped over 400 hospitals:

  • Free up staff to work on higher priority tasks by reducing restocking times by up to 97%
  • Avoid bottlenecks and disruptions to normal operations by enabling proactive planning around expirations and recalls
  • Eliminate errors and ensure compliance by automatically logging all restocking activity
  • Manage budget spend by reducing inventory costs and waste

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Brigham and Women’s Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Edward Hospital Mercy Scripps Health Texas Children’s Hospital University of Maryland Medical Center University of Vermont Medical Center

Very easy to use. We get many crash cart trays checked within a few minutes.

Mai V., Pharmacist

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See real gains in 100% accuracy and 97% efficiency through RFID-enabled automation.

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Make data driven inventory optimization decisions using our prescriptive analytics and reporting powered by Bluesight.

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