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Restocking non-automated anesthesia workstations in the OR is a huge pain whether done by Pharmacy or Anesthesia techs. This manual process provides no data on usage and creates risk for the hospital.

Kit Check helps hospitals automate the restocking of their OR at a fraction of the cost of automated anesthesia workstations—and with better results.

Do you struggle with any of these issues?

  • Pharmacy technicians spend hours in the OR instead of in pharmacy
  • Anesthesia techs restock the workstations, so pharmacy has no visibility into what’s happening in the OR
  • Anesthesia drawers are overflowing with medications but you have no usage data to help you adjust par levels
  • Expired meds or other inventory errors found by auditors in the OR are impacting accreditation
  • Shortages mean that OR trays are constantly changing and staff have a difficult time keeping track, which can lead to errors

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Pharmacy Workflows

Kit Check Can Help

  • Provide pharmacy with visibility into what is happening in the OR
  • Avoid bottlenecks and disruptions to normal operations by enabling proactive planning around expirations and recalls
  • Eliminate errors and ensure compliance by automatically logging all restocking activity
  • Manage budget spend by reducing inventory costs and waste

This is so much better than how we had to flip kits in the early days! Thank you!

Lauri L., Pharmacy Technician

Highlighted Features:

Work Smarter

See real gains in 100% accuracy and 97% efficiency through RFID-enabled automation.

Go Mobile

Maximize your staff’s efficiency and minimize workflow changes by restocking in the OR with our mobile solution.

Get the Perfect Fit

Increase restocking oversight by bringing the process into the pharmacy with one of our space optimized solutions.

Get Real-time Insight

Make data driven inventory optimization decisions using our prescriptive analytics and reporting powered by Bluesight.