Reconfiguring Trays to Ensure Safety in a Pandemic: A Chat with AJ Rivosecchi and Steve Tayon

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Kit Check’s Senior Director of Clinical Strategy AJ Rivosecchi sat down (virtually) with Steve Tayon, Clinical Informatics Coordinator in the Department of Pharmacy at Coral Gables Hospital. This was a great opportunity for us to hear from a Kit Check customer about how the technology is helping hospitals cope with the new challenges they are facing in the COVID-19 crisis. … Read More

A Pharmacist’s Perspective: Automating Critical Tasks with David Vu

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Dr. David Vu, PharmD, CPHIMS, PMP is a quality assurance engineer at Kit Check. He joins us to talk about the crucial role that pharmacists play in patient care—now more than ever—and how automating labor intensive but critical tasks can free up time to focus on helping patient get better.

Kit Check Adds Tray Sanitization Check Feature

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We are excited to announce a new feature in our Kit Check kit and tray restocking solution—Sanitization Check. We added this functionality to help hospitals keep track of sanitized kits and trays, both during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. “We were hearing that a big issue for a number of our customers was making sure kits, trays, and their contents … Read More

Kit Check Announces New Sanitization Feature and Medication Tagging Milestone

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Company’s RFID solution, now with Sanitization Check feature to better support COVID-19 frontline providers, reaches 100 million medications tagged WASHINGTON (May 4, 2020) — Kit Check™, the leader in automated and intelligent medication management solutions, today announced that on the heels of tracking its 100 millionth dose – at OhioHealth Grant Hospital with a 10 ml vial of Sodium Chloride … Read More

Upholding Ethics in the Face of Crisis

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First of all, I want to take this moment to thank each one of you for upholding the standards of treatment for all in this incredibly trying time. Your work is essential to helping all patients get the care they need and deserve. Pharmacists are in the business of helping others, and as part of that, we have a duty … Read More

Shifting Perceptions of Pharmacists’ Role

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It’s all-hands-on-deck time in hospitals across the country—and around the world—as we combat the COVID-19 pandemic. So it’s more important than ever that we realize the incredibly important role that pharmacists have in patient care. They are more than just prescribers of drugs. With their expert knowledge of drugs, usage, dosage, interactions, and more, pharmacists play a crucial part in … Read More

Tracking Carts, Trays, Drugs, and Supplies During COVID-19

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It seems that every day brings new information about COVID-19 treatment options, testing numbers, and supplies. In this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to know what is available in your hospital pharmacy inventory, and to be able to restock and deliver supplies as efficiently as possible. Some of our customers are creating Kit Masters for COVID-19 … Read More

Premier Inc. Designates Kit Check as “Essential Business”

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In this unprecedented time in America, especially in healthcare, we at Kit Check are honored to continue to support our customers. We all know that COVID-19 has already begun to present additional supply chain challenges. With our Medication Intelligence software solutions, we want to ensure that providers can focus more time on patient care, and less time navigating the medication … Read More

Bluesight Med Tracking in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Every day brings new information about the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Last week it was  announced that health officials are looking at using hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment option for patients who have tested positive for the virus and are showing symptoms. While the efficacy of the treatment is yet to be determined, it is worth knowing how much … Read More