Challenges Hospital Pharmacies Face When Dealing With Recalls

Ramsey ChambersBlog

During a recent deployment of Kit Check, the pharmacy staff and Kit Check deployment manager were surprised when the system alerted them to the presence of a recalled drug before they were even done with the implementation. This particular recall was issued months before the Kit Check implementation which means whatever processes the hospital had in place for dealing with recalls had failed. As I reflected on this incident, I began to fully appreciate the monumental challenge hospital pharmacies face when it comes to recalls.

Reward Yourself with Kit Check!

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We here at Kit Check believe that you deserve to be rewarded for the hard work you do everyday in the pharmacy. Kit Check has many features that will help you save time and money while also preventing kit errors.

Kit Check Improves Recall Management for MedStar Georgetown

Ava MutchlerBlog

Manually managing the recall process “wasted time” says Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown in today’s video. The pharmacy staff would have to manually search through hundreds of trays for the lot number to ensure affected medications were removed. With Kit Check, the hospital has streamlined this process and can identify the exact location of recalled drugs in pharmacy kits in just a few seconds.