Extending expiration dates on shortage drugs often fails to have an impact

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When a drug shortage is so severe the FDA sometimes issues guidance allowing pharmacies to extend the expiration date for the affected medications. The theory is that by extending the expiration dates of these products, more inventory is kept in the supply chain reducing the impact of the shortage. In reality, however, many of these drugs still get thrown away at or prior to the original manufacturer’s dating.

Easing the Impact of Drug Shortages on Hospital Pharmacy Operations

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Drug shortages are an unavoidable fact of life for hospital pharmacies. Whether due to bad demand planning on the part of the manufacturer, factory shutdowns due to compliance issues, recalls, or an ordering snafu on the part of purchasing, pharmacy staff frequently find themselves without the preferred formulary items they need to keep the pharmacy running smoothly. Some recent shortages … Read More

Infographic: What Keeps Hospital Pharmacy Leaders Up At Night?

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Every year we survey hospital pharmacy leaders from across the country and synthesize our findings in our annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations report. Check out this easy to read infographic that summarizes the top 4 takeaways from our latest survey.


Top 5 Kit Check Blog Posts of 2016

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The top blog posts of 2016 highlight why Kit Check is more than just a tag. We help hospitals combat the impacts of drug shortages, provide industry insights with our annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations report and provide 24/7 customer support to name a few. Read below to learn more.


Achieving Zero Kit Restocking Errors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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With about half of their 48 operating rooms using pharmacy kits, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts was using kits faster than they could restock them. Manually restocking the kits at that pace caused a crush of work load for both pharmacists and technicians, leaving concerns about kit inventory accuracy. According to Nicole Mascolo, a pharmacist at Brigham and Women’s, … Read More


Kit Check Pharmacist Spotlight: Nicole Mascolo, Pharm.D.

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Nicole Mascolo has served as a pharmacist for three years at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a 793 bed general medical and surgical facility in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to becoming a registered pharmacist, Mascolo worked there four years as a pharmacy technician while earning her Pharm.D at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences University. What is the biggest challenge you … Read More

Kit Check Adds Shortage Management Features

Kit Check adds Medication Shortage Management Features to Improve Pharmacy Kit Processing Efficiency

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Kit Check announced that it has added medication shortage management features to its software solution for hospital pharmacy kit restocking. In 2014, medication shortages reached an all-time high and have increased the complexity of managing pharmacy kits. Kit Check’s shortage management features allow for real-time kit master updating, location reporting and the ability to designate medications as alternate fills in advance.