Extending expiration dates on shortage drugs often fails to have an impact

Ramsey ChambersBlog

When a drug shortage is so severe the FDA sometimes issues guidance allowing pharmacies to extend the expiration date for the affected medications. The theory is that by extending the expiration dates of these products, more inventory is kept in the supply chain reducing the impact of the shortage. In reality, however, many of these drugs still get thrown away at or prior to the original manufacturer’s dating.

Airplane Engines, Hospital Pharmacies, and Controlled Substance Diversion Prevention

Kevin MacDonaldBlog

Health Connect Partners Fall 17 (#hcpchicago) just wrapped up in Chicago and, wow, was it a great show. While interacting with all of the pharmacy thought leaders in attendance, the topic that kept coming up was the issue of controlled substance compliance. The stage could not have been more ideally set for the unveiling of our latest product, Bluesight for Controlled Substances.

Launching Our Latest Product at HCP Fall 17

Kevin MacDonaldBlog

HCP Fall 17 is next week in Chicago. While I always enjoy HCP, this year’s event will be particularly meaningful for me. Not only is the event taking place in my hometown, Kit Check is launching an exciting new product to help hospitals get a better handle on controlled substance monitoring from dock to doc.

Three Trends in Diversion Prevention, Detection, and Response from IHFDA

Hannah ByamBlog

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the International Health Facility Diversion Association (IHFDA) Conference in St. Louis. This 2nd annual gathering brought together practitioners, vendors and experts to share best practices around preventing, detecting and responding to diversion in hospitals. For those of you who weren’t able to make the event, here are three themes that resonated throughout the conference’s presentations and discussions.

Infographic: 2017-18 Trends for Hospital Pharmacy Leaders

Nathalie CelcisBlog

The Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report is a great resource for pharmacy leaders seeking to understand how their peers are prioritizing their focus for the current fiscal year. That being said, we can appreciate that reading the full report may not make it to the top of your priority list because of the day-to-day challenges that consume the work day. As … Read More

Easing the Impact of Drug Shortages on Hospital Pharmacy Operations

Ramsey ChambersBlog

Drug shortages are an unavoidable fact of life for hospital pharmacies. Whether due to bad demand planning on the part of the manufacturer, factory shutdowns due to compliance issues, recalls, or an ordering snafu on the part of purchasing, pharmacy staff frequently find themselves without the preferred formulary items they need to keep the pharmacy running smoothly. Some recent shortages … Read More

Squad Goals: Kit Check’s Annual Pharmacy Survey Reviews Top Tech Initiatives for Hospital Pharmacies

Nathalie CelcisBlog

The Kit Check network includes a vast collective of pharmacy executives who, by virtue of their roles and responsibilities, face similar challenges and opportunities. That’s why every year we seek to leverage the collective knowledge of your pharmacy peers to understand trends around areas like staffing, workflow, and technology. After reviewing the results from the survey, we were particularly curious … Read More

The 2017 Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report is ready for download

Nathalie CelcisBlog

Today we publish the fourth annual Hospital Pharmacy Operations Report. Some of the key themes of the 2017 survey include how hospitals are navigating drug price increases, the status of personnel budgets, and a description of the key drivers of pharmacy technology initiatives.

Adventist Health finds success with Kit Check and extends across the IDN

Ramsey ChambersBlog

We spend a lot of time telling our story, and that of our customers, so it is always refreshing to hear someone else’s take on Kit Check. This past week, Adventist Health (@AdventistHealth) shared their story and their plans to implement Kit Check across the entire IDN in an article titled “Full speed ahead: This technology is saving time and lives”.

Customer Anecdote #3 – Solving the case of disappearing medications

Ramsey ChambersBlog

With increasing demands and decreasing budgets, hospital pharmacies will sometimes leave it to other departments to manage drug inventory. One of our customers allowed L&D nursing staff to manage the inventory and ended up receiving several citations from one of their accreditation auditors. Read how they leveraged Kit Check to take back control without having to increase headcount.

Anesthesia technicians restocking OR medications leads to compliance risk and inefficiencies

Doug ZurawskiBlog

One of the things that I have been most surprised about over the course of my four years with Kit Check, is the number of times we are brought into a hospital to perform a walkthrough and process analysis of medication handling in the perioperative space only to find that pharmacy is not responsible for dispensing and handling those medications at all.