Kit Check Improves Recall Management for MedStar Georgetown

Ava MutchlerBlog

Manually managing the recall process “wasted time” says Geoff Cox of MedStar Georgetown in today’s video. The pharmacy staff would have to manually search through hundreds of trays for the lot number to ensure affected medications were removed. With Kit Check, the hospital has streamlined this process and can identify the exact location of recalled drugs in pharmacy kits in just a few seconds.

Video Interview: Scripps Health DoP Robert Eastin on the Value of Kit Check

Bret KinsellaBlog

  “In our health system we were looking at ways to really increase efficiency and free up time for our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to be involved in more clinical tasks. The manual maintenance of emergency kits and trays was very time consuming. And, we thought if we could take some time away from those distributive responsibilities, we could push … Read More