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Kit Check Takes the Top Spot In Latest PP&P Med Tray Survey

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Pharmacy Purchasing & Products’ 14th Annual State of Pharmacy Automation issue is out, and for the third year in a row Kit Check takes the top spot in the Medication Tray Management category! Once again, Kit Check is the leading vendor in the category with nearly 60%, compared to 15% for the nearest competitor. Among facilities that have not yet … Read More

Meet the Kit Check Pharmacists

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From day one, Kit Check has been committed to making pharmacy-first product innovations. Our flagship RFID medication management system was born out of a dinner conversation Kit Check CEO and co-founder Kevin MacDonald had with a pharmacist friend. Since then, we have been designing products based on interactions with pharmacy and healthcare professionals every day. We have four pharmacists on … Read More

Kit Check Announces Strategic Additions to Leadership Team

Ava MutchlerPress Release

Kit Check, the leader in automated medication management solutions for hospitals, today announced new appointments to its leadership team to help foster the company’s continuous growth and increase its recognition amongst hospitals across the country. The appointments cement the company’s focus on improving medication management processes within the hospital as well as amplify their continued efforts to decrease drug diversion.

The Data Science Behind Drug Diversion Detection with Bluesight for Controlled Substances

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Data science has emerged as an ally for hospital directors of pharmacy in the continuous effort to close the “diversion gap”—the space where tracking and controls are incomplete and diverters conceal their activity. Simple math such as standard deviation and averages have proven inadequate in identifying controlled substance diverters who have become adept at covering their tracks. However, new machine … Read More

ZDNet Interviews Kevin MacDonald On Using AI to Prevent Opioid Diversion

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Over 500 hospitals now use Kit Check’s automated medicated management solution to track medications from the pharmacy to other procedural and emergency areas in the hospital. ZDNet recently interviewed CEO Kevin MacDonald on how on the large amount of data acquired with its first solution led Kit Check to its next solution: Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS). “What we kept … Read More

Video Explainer – Using a Decentralized Workflow for Anesthesia Kit and ADC Restocking

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  Last week, we walked through the centralized anesthesia restocking process. Today, we have an overview  of an alternative approach used by some hospitals — OR restocking using a decentralized strategy. In this workflow, Kit Check automates the restocking process with fully stocked drawer liners that can be replenished in seconds, directly in the OR. Here’s how it works: First, … Read More

What to see at ASHP mid-year 2017

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ASHP Mid-Year kicks off on Sunday. As the biggest hospital pharmacy event of the year, it is always a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies and catch up with old friends. As usual, we have lots of new innovations and success stories to share so be sure to work these key activities into your itinerary.

Challenges Hospital Pharmacies Face When Dealing With Recalls

Ramsey ChambersBlog

During a recent deployment of Kit Check, the pharmacy staff and Kit Check deployment manager were surprised when the system alerted them to the presence of a recalled drug before they were even done with the implementation. This particular recall was issued months before the Kit Check implementation which means whatever processes the hospital had in place for dealing with recalls had failed. As I reflected on this incident, I began to fully appreciate the monumental challenge hospital pharmacies face when it comes to recalls.

Pharmacy leader strategies for balancing competing priorities

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I spend a lot of time with Directors of Pharmacy across the country and hear from them the long list of projects and objectives that they have on the calendar to complete. Recently we helped a midwestern teaching hospital to free up staff and money to help get their top priorities over the finish line.

Plugging Medication Leaks in the OR

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Pharmacies are faced with increasing pressure to do more with limited budgets, particularly in reducing overall drug spend. Given its complexity, the OR remains one of biggest challenges for hospital pharmacies for tracking the distribution and use of medications, and continues to be a leaky bucket for Pharmacy in terms of time, inventory and budget.